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Always stretch!
For years I've had terrible back pain, 7 years to be exact. During the first few months of regular doctor visits, my complaints were pushed aside as they understood it to be growing pains (I've grown to be 5'7 . As the years went on, I occasionally was taken seriously, I've been sent to get x-rays, blood tests and MRIs, to which they have found nothing with my bone structure. So the concluding decision was that it was muscle related. Therefore I was sent for physiotherapy, with the exciting prospect of finally getting my back sorted, I arrived at a physiotherapist who I was to be seen twice in a month for an unspecified amount of time. I was disappointed at the fact that her idea of helping me was to print out stretches and exercises I was to carry out on my own at home and come to report my progress. This went on for about 2 sessions before I canceled one session because I was unwell and was then not allowed to continue my sessions. So, therefore, physio was not my big solver. As the years go on, the pain subsides until when active or under stress. But every once in a while I just get a period of terrible pain that lingers. Recently after a year with my first full-time job (a reminder that the school days are behind me :'( long gone ) The terrible pain is continually resurfacing again. I have one more visit to the doctor to which I am immediately dismissed as my back pain could be the cause of my posture to which I feel is only partly to blame, but what can I do, the doctors don't want to listen and help. A little backstory as to why i believe i have such terrible back is, my over enthusiastic love for sports when i was younger. I truly went crazy in all the sports at school. It began with primary school with my love of netball and athletics that then escalated even more as I went on to secondary school. Items and exercises that help This exercise shows how proper breathing really helps ( I am most certainly not knowledgeable on medical areas but as a sufferer, I can say it stabilises and straightens your back) I believe it works on the posture. True, posture isn't always the issue for most people but correcting the posture at that certain time can release the pressure and reduce the pain. From my very limited research of magnesium oil, it's a great soother of back problems. It alleviates the pain by relaxing the nerves and muscles. This particular product was sent to me by Truvit naturals. It's a new product to me, however, I've been using it regularly, and it does relieve pain, perhaps not as intensely as it says it should but it does work. I would recommend. The important thing to remember is, Everybody suffers, some are lucky enough to not have the daily pain, but in the end we have to look after ourselves, if you're a fellow back sufferer, take it easy and not stress yourself, if you have daily anxieties, deeps breaths are essential. We are all in this together. Osi x