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Join me in regaining my fitness week 5 🏃 🏃
33 days, not out! I'm delighted to still be maintaining my new found fitness regime. The habit is well and truly formed at this stage, although there is still that lazy guy sitting on my shoulder some mornings telling me to take a couple of days off. I know once I start doing that, it will be the beginning of the end of the new fit me! So I'm going to try and persevere with only taking Sundays as a rest day. It's the perfect day for a rest day, with me off work and the kids off school, so we always plan something nice. Today, which is the fifth day of week 6 has been tough, as I worked a 6 hour shift last night on top of 8 hour day job, so I'm feeling extra tired, but even if I can just do 15 or 20 minute power workout, I'll be happy. Anyway more on that next week, for now let's concentrate on Week 5. A reminder for any new readers, this is a weekly tracker of my exercises this week following on from my new years resolution post inspired by @mikey and @battleaxe back in December: Let's get straight into this week's exercise daily breakdown. What Did I get Up to in Week 5? Day 2740 x pushups80 x Dumbell curls (9Kg)80 x Dumbell side lifts (9Kg)150 x sit ups200 x jumping jacks120 x shadow boxing Day 2860 x pushups110 x Dumbell curls (9Kg)110 x Dumbell side lifts (9Kg)200 x sit ups350 x jumping jacks200 x shadow boxing Day 2955 x pushups120 x Dumbell curls (9Kg)120 x Dumbell side lifts (9Kg)240 x sit ups300 x jumping jacks225 x shadow boxin Day 3040 pushups80 x Dumbell curls (9Kg)80 x Dumbell side lifts (9Kg)150 x sit ups200 x jumping jacks150 x shadow boxing Day 3165 x pushups 110 x Dumbell curls (9Kg) 110 x Dumbell side lifts (9Kg) 225 x sit ups 300 x jumping jacks 225 x shadow boxing Day 32Rest Day 33135 x pushups 110 x Dumbell curls (9Kg) 110 x Dumbell side lifts (9Kg) 225 x sit ups 400 x jumping jacks 225 x shadow boxing 1 x golf (7-8km walk) I was lucky enough to have company one of the days this week at 6:30pm.. One of my sons woke up early and joined me and took a few snaps.. Side Lifts Below is the second set of dumbell lifts I do. start with them at your sides and lift both out sideways as far as possible, hold for a second, and back. I usually do 40 or 50 in first cycle, 30 or 40 in second cycle and if I make it to third one, another 20 or 30 lifts. I combine all my exercises together one after the other in a kind of circuit training type configuration, starting with 3 types of dumbell lifts, then pushups, then sit ups, then jumping jacks, then shadow boxing. the circuit takes about 10 minutes. I then rest for a minute or two and do a morning task (eg brush teeth), then do circuit 2. Sometimes 22 minutes is all I have and I have to shower and head to work. Other days I have time to do the full 30 minutes. Double Dumbell Lifts I always try to finish my dumbell section with 10 of these per circuit, but I don't actually include them in my breakdown. These double lifts are tougher and its a good way to finish, to feel that extra burn. Remember to stay hydrated Don't forget to keep a bottle of water at hand, as this is thirsty work!! At least for me it is anyway. I tend to be thirsty first thing in the morning anyway, so throw in all the exercises, and I am parched! Do you workout or want to start off? Tell us about it in the comments below or come join us on discord and tell us all about it there. I look forward to hearing how you're all getting on with your goals and weekly targets. That's a big piece for me. Setting goals and then writing up these weekly reports as a kind of accountability. That method is working quite well and while often something like this can die out after a few weeks, I'm delighted to say I'm almost finished week 6 and now sign of slowing down yet. Here is the address of the discord server: That's all for me for now. Thanks a million for reading as always. Peace Out.