Arsenal have lost some games recently, and some in fairness, they played well and deserved a little better, but by the same token you make your own luck and things do tend to balance out over the course of a season for everybody. The really good teams still manage to win those games when they are not at their best or worst case, they come away with a point - they all add up.

Arsenal have four very winnable fixtures coming up, and realistically I would be targeting at least 10 points from the 12 available from the games against the following teams:

Burnley (H)

Wolves (A)

Brentford (H)

Watford (A)

It's important to remember though that these games are winnable on paper, but unless our players show the same hunger and honesty of effort as the opposition, they could easily come away with nothing. Teams can sometimes look at Arsenal as having a soft underbelly and if you upset them a bit they are very beatable. The Arsenal players need to stand up and be counted and not be taken as potential easy marks from the so called lesser teams.

Something else we really need is for our strikers to step up. We are a team that have had some of the best strikers in the business over the years - Ian Wright, Denis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry. Guys like Lacazette need to step up or else be shipped out for better finishers, it's as simple as that.

We should also remember that Watford and Burnley are in 17th and 20th place respectively and are therefore playing for their very survival at the English league's top table of the Premier League. Let's start it off by taking the maximum on Sunday at the Emirates. I will predict the following:

Arsenal 2 - Burnley 0