So, Arsenal were dumped out of the FA cup yesterday and of course that is disappointing for Gunners fans like me. Everyone wants their team to go as far as possible in the various cup competitions, because at the end of day, Only one team can win the league, so we have to be consider the other cups available as well, and to be fair there are only 4 or 5 that are of any real value.

So, in my disappointment I have found a silver lining about getting knocked out of the FA cup in the 3rd round. In the grand scheme of things there is not much difference between getting knocked out in the 3rd round or the Semi finals, neither team will win a medal or be remembered much in the history books. Those history books are the preserve of the winning teams. So now that we are knocked out, it means we have no games when the 4th round, 5th round, Q finals and semi finals roll around. This may actually be a benefit for this year's main target which is to get ourselves back into the Champions League again. We are now in a decent position to do just that sitting in 4th place.

Yes, West Ham are only one point behind and United and Spurs have games in hand, but it is very much in our hands and this is the best position we have been in for many years. We should have beaten City the last day and that would have put us in a much stronger position, but hopefully we can grow from here and build on that performance and clinch that all important 4th Champions league place this year.

Peace Out