Does Rome get its hands on Nicolò Barella? Then Inter restarted the work for Lorenzo Pellegrini, the emblem of the new Giallorossi course. The agreement settled by Cagliari with the Trigoria top management in the last hours (35 million plus) has produced immediate effects, with a tightening of relations between the three clubs, waiting for the players involved in the dispute to come out into the open.

Seen from the Romanist shore, the Barella issue will have an important test already tomorrow, in conjunction with the League assembly. But will it all be so simple?


Despite these cautions in the Milan headquarters of Suning having decided to run for cover. So Beppe Marotta and Piero Ausilio shared with Conte the choice to sterilize the negotiation for the Sardinian. The Nerazzurri leaders do not intend to cross the threshold of 36 million (plus 4 bonus) for the card and 2.5 net per season for the player. Those dialogues are now in the remote past: the stop is total. So he turns the page and takes up a speech that Ausilio had already started at the time of Spalletti for Lorenzo Pellegrini. Moreover the Giallorossi midfielder played profitably in Sassuolo right next to the new Inter player Stefano Sensi. And Conte himself appreciates the qualities.