It's not easy for any coach as football keep getting though across europe and the Nice coach has been on low performance lately and the team couldn't bear it anymore and they have decided to sack the head coach, It is clear after the club announced that they have decided to fire Patrick Vieira with immediate effect.

Nice is currently on eleventh position on the ranking and the board are expecting more from Patrick Vieira which he has failed to meet up with the expectations of the club, one of the thing that prompted his sacking is because Nice has been on five game losing streak in all competitions which is never a good reputation for a team like Nice.

After sacking Patrick Vieira they have decided to make the assistant coach Adrien Ursea to take charge as the head coach, it's not disclosed if he will be given a permanent contract as the main coach nor he is on temporary contract as the head manager.

Adrien Ursea is currently on hot seat and he may be fully considered as the head coach if he chose to deliver and gave them what they have asked of Viera that he chose not to offer, the first test for Adrien Ursea will be in a game against in the French League side Reims, that will be an away game for Nice.