The Indonesian national team made it to the final of the U-16 AFF Cup. This certainty was obtained after Garuda Asia forces defeated Malaysia 1-0 at the Gelora Delta Sidoarjo Stadium, Indonesia, Thursday (9/8).

The result of this victory, the Indonesian national team will meet Thailand in the final match on 11 August 2018.

Tens of thousands of supporters who packed the stadium made the Indonesian national team appear confident. Fakhri Husaini's team made a direct attack on the Malaysian back line.

The golden opportunity built by the Indonesian national team still has no results. The tightness of the Malaysian defense makes the Indonesian national team lack energy in the final settlement which is the cause.

The Malaysian national team also got a lot of opportunities, they also played very carefully while occasionally launching counterattacks to the heart of the Indonesian national team defense.

On the 27th minute the Indonesian national team almost opened the scoring. However, David Maulana's hard shot which was not guarded by the Malaysian national team had not met the target.

Towards the last minutes of the first round match, the Indonesian national team was increasingly intense. However, until halftime the score was still 0-0.

Continued in the second half

After the break, the Indonesian Under-16 national team is still in control of the game. Brylian Negiehta and his colleagues continued to press on the Malaysia Under-16 defense which appeared heroic in this match.

Short ball games that are combined with long passes are the mainstay of the Indonesian Under-16 national team. While Malaysia U-16 is still trying to find ways to build attacks.

Buying and selling attacks continue to occur until the middle of the second half. The Indonesia Under-16 and Malaysia U-16 national teams are trying to open the tap of goals in every way.

Continue to attack finally the Indonesian Under-16 national team was able to score goals. Starting from an individual movement carried out by Supriadi, the Malaysia U-16 goalkeeper had to break it in the forbidden box.

The referee mercilessly pointed to the spot. Bagus Kahfi, who executed the 12th kick in the 72nd minute, carried out his duties well by directing the ball to the left side of the Malaysia U-16 goal.

Winning one goal adds to the confidence of the Indonesian Under-16 national team with a score of 1-0 for the Indonesian national team, until the long whistle sounded the referee indicates the game has finished.

"In general, 23 of our players are in good condition and ready to play. Mentally they are also very enthusiastic, this is a game they are waiting for, "said Fakhri Husaini.

On the other hand Malaysia has to lose one player. Right-back M. Fahmi Daniel had to pull over because of a red card penalty against Laos.

But Malaysian coach Raja Azlan Shah Raja So'ib did not want to bother, because there were still many choices to close Fahmi's position.

"We have another strategy. The most important thing is that all players are given the opportunity to feel the minutes of play. Because this is also our preparation for the AFC Cup, "said Raja.

Player composition

  • Indonesia U-16: Ernando Ari Sutaryadi, Amiruddin Bagas Kaffa Arrizqi, Fadilah Nur Rahman, Komang Teguh, Yudah Febrian, David Maulana, Brylian Negiehta, Andre Oktaviansyah, Muhammad Supriadi, Fajar Fathur Rohman, Amiruddin Bagus Kahfi Alfikri.
  • Malaysia U-16: Abdul Alim, M Alias, Ali Imran Sukari, Dinesh Baskaran, M Izzul Adham, Mohamad Ikhwan, Aznil Daniel, M Marwan, Megat Syafique, Azrul Haikal Ramlee, Harith Naem.

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