Russian police are in charge of securing the World Cup [ source image ]

        Russia is very serious in handling security throughout the 2018 World Cup takes place of course this is done because there is a threat of attack from the terrorist.

        To anticipate such threats, Russia as host of the 2018 World Cup organizers has set up a sophisticated and very strict security system by deploying its best special forces, especially Spetsnaz and the Federal internal intelligence team (FBS).

Spetsnaz Military Forces [ source image ]

        Specific exercise in the form of simulation of hostage release has been done by Spetsnaz doing a parachuting action from the air and then landed in the middle of Kaliningrad field and then cripple the terrorist act that was holding hostage in a very fast attack.

        The Kaliningrad Stadium, which will be the venue for the match between England and Belgium, has been heavily secured. As a tool for surveillance has been installed sophisticated CCTV camera as many as 1200 units in various angles so that all locations around the stadium can be monitored optimally.

        To prevent the bad things that will happen all security forces serving in Kaliningrad and also other stadiums have been trained to deal with terrorist acts, including National Guard troops.