Indonesia U-16 national team will return to the second match in the U-16 2018 Asian Cup. Their schedule for the second match is to face Vietnam U-16 national team on Monday (09/24/2018) night. Indonesia's Under-16 national team made a positive start in the U-16 2018 Asian Cup in Malaysia. They were surprisingly a 2-0 win over Iran's Under-16 national team in the first match at the Bukit Jalil Stadium on Friday (9/21/2018). Two goals from the U-16 national team victory were printed by the twins Bagus Kahfi and Bagas Kaffa. The two players will again be a mainstay in the match against Vietnam.

Unlike Indonesia, the Vietnam national team suffered defeat in the first match. They were beaten 0-1 by India's Under-16 national team. If you want to qualify, Vietnam U-16 national team must be able to win the match against Indonesia. Bagus Kahfi and his friends must be alert. Indonesia's U-16 national team versus Vietnam will compete at Bukit Jalil Stadium on Monday at 19.45. This game is scheduled to be broadcast live by MNC TV.