It is well known that footballers earn dizzying figures. In many, especially in times of economic crisis and in which employment is considered a fortune. But why do football professionals collect so much? Do they really deserve to receive those figures? First of all it must be said that football is the most popular sport in the world. In united states, more than twenty million people are interested in this discipline.

There are numerous fans who follow their favorite team on TV, so as to have MediaPro to offer a beauty of $1.3bn a year to win the television rights of the Serie A games for the period 2018 to 2021. Football is a show that could not exist without the players and to ensure that we remain satisfied, the most qualified players are needed.

Obviously the quality is paid and it is not surprising that if the players who offer the best performances are also those with a bank account to envy. A point on which we can pause to reflect is rather constituted by the fact that the big names like Messi, Ronaldo are able to convince as many people as possible to follow the games, and that allow the economy of football to generate money, they still need opponents which, although endowed with less talent to make exciting challenges.

Not many people consider that the career of those who play football does not last long and that many, hanging shoes on the wall, find themselves having to look for a new job, often without an adequate qualification while some may find themselves lucky and end up being a club coach.

That said, it should be noted that the expense incurred by the clubs to ensure the performance of top players is often repaid by sponsors and merchandising.

Ultimately, the question of soccer player engagements is more delicate than one might believe. The number of those who can boast fabulous income is really ridiculous not to talk of those that make this sport a full-time job.

This beg the question: Are They Not Paid Too Much?

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