Surely on some occasion we have all thought about getting rich betting and have started looking for some link with tricks or infallible mathematical strategies to win always in the bets. The reality is that, it's impossible to win all bets but we can only try to make them more profitable.

In this article about online betting tricks we would discuss steps you can take to make sports betting continue to be a fun and exciting activity, as well as profitable (some will seem obvious at first sight).

What sports do you like ?: Choose the sport modalities that you better master

There are people who take bets too mathematically, as a strict calculation of profitability, while other users bet more on their love of a particular sport. The first you will see them betting on all types of competitions, while the second ones will only bet on sports that they are more familiar with .

The first approach is not bad (but it is boring), and letting go of the sporting passion, is not very desirable either, since that subtracts objectivity to the forecasts and in the end you end up wishing and betting to which team that might win.

A combination of cool mind and a fondness for sport is ideal if you want to get profitable to sports betting and keep it a fun activity. And for betting to be productive one has to make accurate forecasts with a stake according to what is going to be played, and especially that they are bets with an adequate value. Therefore, you must know how the sport in which you are betting works and what factors may affect the outcome of the match. That is one of the most essential online gambling tips.

Specializing in a few favorite sports is a recommended option; Forget about betting on snooker, golf or even boxing if you have no idea how they are going. To set up your predictions , a good knowledge of both the rules of the game and the state of the competitions is recommended, and for this you will have to read a lot in newspapers, blogs and forums, as well as analyze statistical data at a glance.

Sometimes the specialization comes well for a practical matter, as is the lack of time to review all the information available and necessary to build a good forecast. Thus, if you are fond of basketball and other sports, for example, it will be relatively easy for you to predict in the games , because you may already be used to reading the latest news about the tournaments that interest you most or that have television coverage.

How much can you spend ?: Set a budget for your bets

Although you've heard and read a thousand times, a rule of thumb in the world of online gambling and the game in general is that you should not spend more than you have . Yes, it seems logical, but in the end you think you can continue playing, skipping that rule and recovering losses with new bets that very sure this time are winning ...

No, no, forget it, do not go around . Set a maximum limit that you can bet and do not get out of it. The recommendable thing, once an initial fund is established, is to make new bets exclusively with the obtained benefits.

As you gain experience and have a decent bankroll (funds), you will be able to make bets more and more frequent and well calibrated in terms of amount, expected reward and chances of success.

The ideal is to set a weekly or monthly limit budget (well, if you're going to bet every day, it is recommended that the limit be daily). That will prevent you from investing more than you have in the first few days, because if you have to spend a lot of time without being able to win then you are more likely to be tempted to bet a little more. This is another one of those online betting tricks that you should know.

There are many betting bookies, which one do you choose ?: Sign up for several and compare your odds

It is very good to be loyal to a brand that you like, but if you want your bets to be really profitable, you will have to take advantage of the varied offer of houses or bookies that exist in this sector, even in spite of mergers or attempts to purchase between companies. Even in regulated markets there are a lot of websites to bet online, and the advantage of all this is that you can choose the best share you see among them, as well as take advantage of their promotions.

Keep in mind that scratching a few tenths more in the odds for that result you want to bet on may mean increasing your profits by around 5% or even more per month , and that when we talk about rather strong bets can be an important sum.

The "search, compare and if you find something better ..." is also applicable here . Do not hesitate to use quota comparators to identify those bookies where you pay a little more than the rest for a certain market, but do not try to register in twenty bookies at the same time, it does not make much sense, since it would be very difficult to carry a control of what happens in them.

But always have there several bookmakers over reserve to be used as appropriate and be aware of their bonuses and special offers , which we will talk about below in this list of incredible online betting tricks.

Bookmaker Promotions: Take Advantage of Bonuses

Since we have talked in the previous section to register yourself in more than one bookies, man take advantage of the welcome gift they give to their new users.

OK, it is clear that the bookies have their conditions, and usually involve betting a number of times the amount of it to withdraw benefits, but the experienced bettor can make a great benefit to these gifts , and there are different strategies to clean the bonuses, that is, to convert them into real extra money in our account once their conditions are satisfied.

To clean a bonus, what many users usually do is to bet the amount of it in a match with a fee close to 2.00 and at the same time make a bet in another bookie, but in the opposite result.

Apart from this, once you are already registered and you are a client of a bookmaker, if they are generous you will find different promotions to which you can also take profit. In this way, you can find refund bonuses in case of failure, special installments, reload bonuses and many more gifts.

Those who bet frequently will know that this type of promotions can be converted without too much difficulty in extra balance for your accounts, so do not despise them thinking "Bah, they want to cajole me" , because yes, they want to coax you to keep betting, but a well-used bonus can be very profitable.

Avoid the all or nothing: Diversify your bets

The online bets are not like the pool, since they offer you an almost endless variety of markets, that is, of different bets that you can make in the same game (like an exact score, like difference of points, like number of fouls ...), so if you take advantage of the full range of available options and strategically allocate amounts of money, the final benefit balance may be more positive.

In addition, it is not advisable to bet everything to the same event . The more you diversify and bet on different events at the same time, the risk will be better distributed, especially if it involves bets with a low or moderate risk, since this way you will minimize the total of losses in case some of your forecasts are not fulfilled.

With this am not suggesting that you make combined bets . It is about different things. Diversify involves distributing money by making different simple bets in different matches at the same time, and in any case it involves a well-studied forecast as a whole , not only to prevent losses, but to ensure a greater number of successes. and therefore of profits. If you control this you will be dominating one of the most important online betting tricks.

Live betting: Learn to take advantage of them

Let's say that you have taken a scientific calculator and you have calculated all the possible variables and for having gotten a certain result, that you have meticulously checked all the statistical data and the expected trends so that your forecast is met. Nobody can tell you that you have not made a sensible bet, but ... this will have been based on data, on expected behaviors on the pitch, but not on what is actually happening in the game.

That is the main problem of pre-match betting, the uncertainty due to unforeseen events that may occur until the last minute of the game or event ends, and the fact of forecasting based on past information and not the one that is currently taking place.

For example , when we bet before the games we think something like this: "As yesterday he played well, tomorrow he will surely win too" ; and although that is the most expected result, according to the level of the team in question, until we see him jump to the field we will not know if he is really playing well this time, or if his opponent is in a state of form extraordinary and surprise.

That's why live bets are so interesting , because they allow you to take advantage of good odds derived to a large extent from the actual behavior of the athletes on stage. This does not mean that live bets are sucked, nothing is further from reality. At a given moment, you can give a comeback and you will stay in front of the screen twisting your anger, but the advantage of betting as the game takes place is that you can cover the opposite result with another bet to minimize losses or ensure some profit .

Live bets are also very useful , although we must do it very carefully, to cover a pre-split forecast that we are giving up for lost already. For example, if in a Sevilla - Betis we have bet on a conservative result of the type "home win" and we see that Betis is winning in the second half, we can get a good share that has to do with the away win and minimize losses (or even earn money) regardless of who wins when the referee gives the final whistle.

Some bookies will even offer us the possibility to close our bet before the event or result we predict takes place. That is to say, they would offer us a quota, probably lower than the initial one, to ensure a profit even before knowing the outcome.

As can be seen, taking advantage of the bets requires clearness of the risks and calculation of our profit margins . It is not about betting live to make impulsive forecasts, tempted by a high odds that suddenly comes before us because the game goes in a certain direction. No, live bets are another tool to increase the excitement in the game, but also to achieve benefits, if we know how to manage them. This is one of the best online betting tricks to always take into account.

Value Bets: Take advantage of the opportunities that come your way

There is no recipe to invariably win the bookies. Everything is designed so that bookies obtain their profit margin , which is already implicit in the odds that are offered, since they cover both the possibility of wins and draws.

However, we can do some useful calculations, such as finding out if the% of victory that we give to a bet is greater than the percentage of victory implicit in the odd offered by the bookmaker. This will help us determine if this bet has a value.

Let's see it with an example. Let's suppose the following football match of the Santander League (Spanish First Division): Granada - Villarreal, with the following odds at 1-X-2:=> 2.50 - 3.20 - 3.00. The probabilities implicit in these three odds are calculated according to the simple formula 100 / odds, and would be respectively, taking the result as a percentage, 40% - 31.25% - 33.33%. Thus, the real probability that the Granada wins, for example, should be more than 40% so that our bet is considered to have value.

And why are we talking about this? Well, because a good part of the calculations of the amount of money that can be invested, considering all possible outcomes of the game (the 1, X or 2 in the case of the example), take into account these percentages.

Sometimes when you bet (in pre-game) at different times, so after having made a bet that a team wins, you go and find days after the odds have changed, and you realize that if you bet that the opposing team wins you will take some profit whatever happens in the game.

The margin of profit in these cases is usually minimal, but the gamblers who are looking for profitability like this, in an antique plan, can find in these bets a great opportunity to increase the balance.

In any case, when talking about looking for opportunities, i refer to the fact that, in general, you have to be on the lookout for a good odd, because the subject of value bets has different drawbacks that should not be overlooked:

• They are often difficult to find and are often due to sporadic mistakes of bookies or unexpected changes in odds over time

• They offer a very low profit margin , less than 5%

• Bookies limit the amount that can be bet on each forecast , so we can not invest excessive sums, and the benefits at the end will unreliable when betting

• An unforeseen event may occur, such as the cancellation of the event, which erodes our forecast

• Regarding taxes , it may happen that, according to the legislation in force in the country in question, only benefits, not other losses derived from gambling, are taken into account, and that these are even higher than our net profit margin.


You can make money with sports betting , yes, even live on it (although it requires great dedication), but do not look for recipes to stay in the hammock while your infallible system to win works for you.

Rather you will end up realizing that getting your bets to be profitable is achieved based on perseverance and carefully study each forecast before putting money in a certain event , and also take advantage of every loophole left by the different bookies, either for a certain promotion or a high value odds, in the end you will achieve a positive balance in your account and that the benefits will come with some regularity.

I hope with this summary of “Profitable Betting Tricks” will help you make the most of and take advantage of your next bets.