The luck in sports is an important component.

A winning performance is a result of many factors:

• Adequate physical preparation;

• High level technique;

• Positive mental attitude;

• Talent

If the class can be built on a desk and if pursued with the help of professional trainers, with willpower and constancy in training, leads to the excel of many athlete in the chosen sport. But there is no doubt that even luck, in sport has an influence that can shift the balance on one side or the other.

Luck in Sports: Football, Tennis, Golf

Especially at high levels, or in conditions where the round opponents have equal strengths, the luck may decide the point, the goal, and as a result the match. Any sports competition.

Just think of the classic examples, from the penalty spot in a football game : a ball that touches the pole and bouncing in or out of the network as a matter of centimeters.

Can we not speak of "luck in sport" in this case? What else is the factor that determines the success or failure of the shot?

And when during a very tight tennis match , the match point ball hits the tip to bounce, due to reasons of pure randomness, beyond or on the side of a field area?

A concept expressed very well in the film by Woody Allen , entitled " Match point ". In this case, the game at stake is the life of the protagonist who, by a coincidence of fate that makes the ring fall that would fit him on this side of the balustrade, manages to save himself.

" People are afraid to admit how much luck counts in life. It terrifies to think that it is so out of control. Sometimes in a game the ball hits the tip and for a moment it can go further or go back. With a little luck it goes further and then you win. Or no and then you lose. " (Match Point, Woody Allen, 2005)

Another discipline that exemplifies well the concept of luck in sport is golf: a hole in one is undoubtedly a gesture of unrepeatable perfection, in which, however, the component of positive fate plays an important role.

What should Leif Olson say after this lucky hole in one at the Canadian Open 2009 , with the incredible assistance of the ball of a playmate?

Luck in sport can take over in different ways, moments and situations.

Was not Denmark's repechage of the 1992 European Football Championship a stroke of luck , a competition then won by surprise by the Danes?

Luck in Sport and in Life

We can also talk about sports luck from many point of view.

The online sports betting are becoming increasingly commonplace among those who love sport and the risk: with lots of unrealistic predictions which sometimes come to pass.

In short, as far as sport is concerned, a luck is not enough to give victories, often it is the surplus that helps to achieve success.