The key to football is the two foot, with the development of ball, the confrontation between the bodies which gradually increases, especially in the shooting, heading, scooping, and running of the curve. More and more high requirements.

In addition, football needs a lot of running, and long-term running will make the heart and lung function better. It is also worth mentioning that in football, the eyes rotate like a ball and watch the eight sides, thus enhancing the adjustment power of the eye muscles and the lens, so that the visual function is greatly improved.

Regular participation in football can also promote the metabolism of the body, improve the body composition, and ensure that the various systems of the body function properly.

Good Discipline and Habits

Football matches have strict rules and regulations. Not only will fouls be punished, but serious people will even be expelled. Therefore, if anyone want to play, he must follow the established rules to enjoy the happiness of football within the scope of the rules. And to respect the referee, respect the opponent, respect teammates, and show a good sportsmanship.

Football cultivates a strong will Quality

Being beaten by the other side, doesn't mean to be discouraged or loose the fighting spirit, because football is round, not until the final whistle of the game, everything is possible.

Football is a teamwork project

The characters in a football game include strikers, midfielder , defender goalkeepers, etc. Each of them has their own duties, and the individuals complement each other, actively seek cooperation, and unite to achieve the goal of defeating the opponent.

Sense of Responsibility

Once a player step on the field, he must be responsible for each foot pass and the role he plays in the match.

The Anti-frustration part of Football

Football is a competitive game. There is no regular victory in the football field. Everyone wants to win, but they must face the reality of loss.

Football cultivate creativity

In the football match, the situation on the field is unpredictable, which requires players to have a strong ability to think and act, in a timely manner according to the situation on the field to take the best means to control the game.

An enhance the ability to predict

Comprehending the teammate's intention to pass the ball includes the ability to predict the opponent's ability to intercept the opponent, are what football is all about.

Decision-making Ability

How can I find the best passing route and shooting angle in the chaos? This requires players to make decisions in a very short time.

Because Football is War

Men have had fantasies about war since childhood, many games are in the simulation of war, but football is the most simulated war game: the two teams on the field, they fight for a ball , combat with their own abilities and tactics. The sense of accomplishment is not only a man, but in fact everyone is obsessed with this feeling.

Because football is the most comprehensive sport

Football is the most comprehensive sport in terms of: speed, strength, skill, teamwork, game strategy, psychological quality, ability to adapt to the environment, luck, and then go further the confrontation between different cultures and different ways of thinking. In contrast, other sports may be more extreme than football in a single ability, but none of them perfectly concentrates so many elements on one sport.

Because football has the fun of game strategy

Football needs to control the space through the formation, compress the opponent's space, and also need a reasonable sense of rhythm to ensure that the game can be controlled throughout the game. The formation of football, we know that there are 442, 433, 343, 352, etc., and derived from 4321, 4231, 3331, etc., the horizontal view is usually three levels, the vertical can be divided into three, two or four people for a combat play, the player can be combined.

There can also be different combinations within the play, and in the actual competition, the players are often re-disassembled and combined, and the formation is fluid, and the changes in the middle are endless.

Because football involves confrontation

The physical confrontation of football is very direct and intense, but compared with fighting, it fun is not against itself. It involves complicated techniques and tactics which are completed under high-intensity confrontation. Players on the field are always elegant, precise, stable and calm under high pressure.

Because luck is part of the football game

Luck is part of football. In particular, in penalty shootout. Participating in football must face the existence of luck. Dare to stand on the roulette and gamble. The luck makes people experience the cruelty and wonders of fate.

Because football is Soulful

Different teams are like different people. We always fall in love with a team. Just like we fall in love with a person, we fall in love with their unique qualities, regardless of their national team or their club. There must be something that no other team can imitate, no matter how good or bad, but with all the skills and tactics, personal abilities, etc. of this thing become alive, it becomes a soul, in fact, place in which the team is located . The things that are precipitated by consciousness, their culture, their way of thinking, etc., are mapped to football.

Because football is a catharsis of emotions

All the emotions in life can be found on the football field, and there are many extreme emotions to switch quickly. The blood is boiling, the big joy and the sadness, the tenderness of the iron bones, the gnashing of the teeth, the smug, the helplessness… The ball is particularly obvious, and tens of thousands of people are happy with each other. The content of football is enough, but the frequency of scoring is low. Every goal is brewed enough emotions. When the goal is scored, the mood and emotions of millions is like a volcano. Eruption, the degree of stimulation is super high.


In fact, the charm of football is far more than this. Soccer is like life and it world is the stadium. In football, it is indeed possible to find many realistic projections, and it is figurative and concentrated, so in fact to just share a moment of happiness, goal and togetherness just for the love of the game.