Former four-time world champion Germany suffered a shameful flood in the World Cup in Russia after failing to pass the group, and as reasons the media and the public pointed to non-discipline and clans as the biggest problem of failure.

After the disaster, experienced by the "elf," one of Germany's busiest newspapers, Bild, announced that the cause of the failure was the total indiscipline that the camp had ruled during the preparations for South Tyrol.

"Lion will certainly say that he will return the armor and the philosophy based on the possession of the ball, but it is better to check what the big stars are doing. Antonio Rudiger at the JV brought a wet pipe. It is known that Leo allows one or two cigarettes, but the question is how he would react if he knew about this in the bag of his defender. Plus, the playstation you brought Julian Drakkler took more of their concentration, and the players instead of sleeping had no dreams playing as young children. And, all of this, the union leaders ran out because of the poor dream of the players to exclude the Internet and Wi-Fi routers in the camp. But it's all that, "Bild writes