Claudio Marquisio during the yesterday's day officially signed a two-year deal with the team of Zenit since he had previously terminated the contract with his Juventus.

The Italian international had several offers on the mass for continuing career, and I accepted that from Russia because it was the richest of all. Markizio in Zenit will earn a total of six million euros per season.

This is a much bigger salary for Marquisio than they earned in Juventus when they bought three million euros per season.

For the 32-year-old midfielder, there is interest in both Monaco and Villarreal, but at the end of the match, he will win, and in the next two seasons he will wear the jersey of the Russian giant, Zenit.

Markizio signed the deal with his next club.

Claudio Marquisio made his final decision for the club in which he will continue his career and will be the Russian champion Zenit.

The Italians who reached the finish line only for Juventus (playing only one season in Empoli), because it was a product of the youth academy of "bankers", had several interesting offers, but at the end put a signature on the deal offered by Zenit.

Markizio confirmed a two-year co-operation with St. Peterburg, which continues the tradition of the club, where Domeniko Krišito, Luciano Spaleti and Roberto Mancini performed the professional obligations in the past.