Hugo Lorias, the French midfielder and goalkeeper of Tottenham Hotspur, has been in the forefront of the English football public.

English officials repeatedly proved to be very strict on the big football stars in a situation when they violated the rules, and that the law of the Island was valid for everyone, we got another proof today, after Hugo Lawrence had to spend seven hours behind bars this morning.

The current world champion and goalkeeper of Tottenham was beaten by police during a routine check-up in central London at 2 pm, and after an excessive amount of alcohol was found in his blood, Loris was escorted to a police station where he spent seven hours behind bars because driving a car in an alcoholized state.

This news was also confirmed by police in central London, which is particularly radical for drivers who are under the influence of alcohol, and after the initial seven hours spent behind bars, the French network guard will now have to appear in court on 11 September when a penalty for a misdemeanor who is considered one of the more serious in England when it comes to traffic rules.

No one expected this from Loris, who has been proven to be a real professional over the years, so he is the captain of Tottenham and the French team. However, mistakes happen, and Loris, who apologized for the stupidity, is aware of this.

-I want to apologize to my family, the club, my teammates, the manager and all the fans. To drive under the action of alcohol is unacceptable, I take full responsibility for my actions and this is not an example I want to set, "Loris, who is likely to receive a penalty from Tottenham.