Оn the last match of a friendly match Johan Cruyff suffered a loss of 8-0 from the cold German machines.

"We enter the dressing room at half-time and see each other. They stopped as if they were playing a final, and we agreed to give it all the time to Playoff to play before the audience. "

One of the greatest footballers and football trainers of all time, Dutchman Johan Cruyff was loved and respected by the entire football world.

But the farewell game played at the "Olympic" stadium in Amsterdam between Ajax and Bayern Munich did not make him feel good.

Firstly, for this epic match for which his "greatest son" is forgiven, they invited Barcelona, but as the match played in November, and the Catalans then had a seasoned calendar in the season, they refused on another date.

Then came the idea to invite the famous Bayern - one of Ajax's biggest competitors in the 1970s. The Munich club accepted and agreed to come to a friendly.

Over 55,000 spectators came to Johan Cruyeh's farewell contest. Before the opening referee's gig, Greyf was greeted with loud cheers and handed many presents.

And then Gerd Miller and the company humiliated Ajax:

The Dutchman Martin Yol (later coach of Tottenham and Fulham), then played for Bayern Munich and told:

"In Amstardam nobody welcomes us. We went to a hotel that was terrible for a long time. Plus the food was disgusting. And Paul Brytner said that this was deliberately done, so we would not be able to welcome Barcelona to come. When we came to the stadium before the match, they did not wait for chanting 'Nazi pigs'. Before entering the field, Brighton and Rummenigge gave a speech and said: 'We will play as if it were a final.'

Players of Ajax are aware that they are playing friendly, they were wondering when we already gave three goals. "

Rudd Kaiser, who then played for Ajax, said that Bayern, without respect and without respect, was behaving towards the Amsterdamers:

"We thought the match would end 4: 4 or 5: 5. As a friend with a friend we said: "Let's give him all the time to Johan, so that he can play in front of the audience. But Bayern Munich players took to the field after the war, as if playing in the final of the Champions Cup. It was a shameful and very unimportant relationship. "

Bayern won the first half with 2: 0.

"We looked at the half-time and said: 'OK, let's play seriously. We tried to do it, but we could not change the attitude towards the sword, "Kaiser said.

In the second half, Bayern gave Ajax six more goals and humiliated 55,000 spectators.

"I wanted to go back in the locker room. It was a shame, a real nightmare. "

According to his words (in 1978, Kaiser was only 17 years old), after the match Ajax's leaders entered the locker room and knocked out: "Damn Germans!" Bayern players did not even arrive at the farewell event organized in honor of Croiff, but immediately they left.

Later, it was said that because they overtook Ajax, Bayern could not buy from them the young talent Frank Rijkaard whose manager was on Crux's farewell sword and did not forget the shameful 0: 8.

Only 30 years after Karl-Heinz's sword, Rummenigge apologized publicly to Ajax.

The Germans had previously "stole" the biggest trophy in their career after finishing the World 1974 West Germany defeated the Netherlands with 2-1. A fun history from that time is the anecdote that Cruyff had talked to his wife all over the night before the match (by her guilt in large part) and played the final.


Bayern Munich and Ajax have met twice in the Champions League: they played 1: 1 in Munich and 3: 3 in Amsterdam. In the Netherlands, the teams played at the "Johan Cruyff Arena" stadium, renamed last year by "Amsterdam Arena" in honor of the legend.

Johan Cruyff died on March 24, 2016 at the age of 68. For Ajax he played 239 matches in the Dutch Championship where he scored as many as 190 goals. The main trophies with Amsterdam's "swordsmen" are three cups in the European Champions Cup and 8 titles champion of the Netherlands.

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