How can you make a terrible nonsense at the same time and cancel a reliable team-mate goal?

This is best known to Valentin Gheorghe, a player of the Romanian club Astra. The match between Astra and Cluj was already quite interesting, with a big turn of the result, but what remains most ambitious of this meeting will be Goge's move.

Astra led 3-3 in the second leg of the Romanian Cup. The 123rd minute was played when Cluj goalkeeper attacked to help his team equal 4-4.

The goal was left empty and after a successfully counterattack, two Astra players ran the ball from the center to the goal of the opponents and the goal was to be only a matter of routine.

But George obviously had other plans. Or did not even think.

Laurentiu Busus headed for the goal, humming the ball towards the empty net, and then "Giedge" got off, deep into the offside and "confirmed" the goal without any need for it, as the goalkeeper could not reach the ball.

The goal was canceled, and luckily Gheorghe, Astra still won this match.