VIDEO: Spectacular announcements for "Superclassico"

River Plate and Boca Juniors will decide on the South American championship tonight in a joint duel.

The "Monumental" River will host the biggest rival in the Argentine "Superclassico", so in this country tonight everything is less important.

River due to 2: 2 of the first match in all betting has a small advantage, but in these matches nothing is known.

The announcements for "Superclassico" are certainly amazing and we only need to enjoy the evening duel.

It is certain that a real spectacle awaits us. At least these teams guarantee it ...

How does the Buenos Aires police work? (VIDEO)

The match of the century was supposed to be a holiday of football in Buenos Aires. But the return between River Plate and Boca Juniors in the Copa Libertadores final was delayed for an hour due to the hooligans attack on the coach of the visiting fans.

Meanwhile, another video footage of the attack appeared. It shows the moment of the attack, but how are the police trying to provide security ?!

At the moment of the attack, the policemen are fleeing and hiding.

What amateurism of the Argentine police ...

Official: Superclassico will be played tonight, but in another term! (PHOTO + VIDEO)

The return from the final in Copa Libertadores between River Pleyte and Boca Juniors will be played tonight, but at different times due to the incident that occurred when the Boca bus arrived.

The bus attack took place two hours before the start of the match, and Carlos Tevez was injured, as well as a real chaos before the "Monumental", so there was no other solution than to postpone the duel for an hour.

To recall, the first duel between the teams ended 2-2, so we expect madness in the evening duel.

Horrible: River's boss went to make a statement, but when he saw a stampede ... (VIDEO)

Epic Superclassico did not get its start, so after two delays last night it was rescheduled today at 21:00, after the attack on the Boca footballers' bus was a major incident to play the big derby in Copa Libertadores.

And after it was announced that the match was postponed for tomorrow, in the same hour the furious and angry hooligans on the River began fierce raids with the police first at the stadium, and then the incidents spilled out of it. And in the whole chaos, the stadium's first man at the River, Rodolfo Donfrio, stopped at the Fox Stadium, but did not open his mouth, why when he saw a stampede towards himself he began to run away.

Police raid main reason for yesterday's incident in Buenos Aires !?

What was supposed to be a football holiday turned into the greatest shame that can happen before a game. River Plate and Boca Juniors were in the spotlight of the world's public, and domestic fans disappointed in their behavior and prevented the spectacle of "Monumental" at the rematch in the Copa Libertadores final.

Argentine media are trying to find the "culprit" behind the incidents and inform that this could be a local criminal group. Reportedly, the police raided a few days ago, finding a large number of tickets and preventing a group of fans from earning 165,000 euros.

The popular "Los Borrachos" returned angrily and prevented playing yesterday's derby. No one yet knows how one of the fans in the FIFA group had over 300 tickets for the final.

This is not the first case of intolerance between police and fans due to raids. A similar situation occurred in March this year, when more than 200 knives and tear gas were found on the eve of a River match.

Madness in Buenos Aires, a child with "bengalis" on the belt (VIDEO)

It is quite clear that the Argentine police can not control the fans of both clubs. And how could they find a solution to this, when among them hide even young mothers ready to fill their daughters with the so-called. "Bengalis" around their belt, and to smuggle them at the "Monumental" stadium.

And what to expect from a child who is raised like this. And even worse, if in the vicinity of the example, a firecracker bursts.

Really incomprehensible, true cheerful disease that goes beyond all limits!

PHOTO: CONMEBOL'S medical body denies injury to Boca players.

Several Boca Juniors players complained of injuries following their arrival at the Monumental.

However, despite this, CONMEBOL's medical body denied any injuries and sent a letter to President Alejandro Dominguez, in which he denied the claims by the guests.

That is why the letter was postponed for the same day, not for a longer period.

Tonight, at 21:00, players are expected to jump on the field and play the rematch of the Copa Libertadores final.

VIDEO: Chaos welcomed by thieves - robbery amidst daylight in Buenos Aires

Chaos in the southern part of Buenos Aires and the incidents throughout the afternoon before the "Monument" were welcomed for the thieves. They did not choose the means to reach the goal, so often they were doing it publicly.

Take a look at how the car was robbed in the middle of the day and with passengers in it:

Police in Buenos Aires have no official information on injured people, but there are certainly a large number of citizens and fans with minor injuries, cuts, burns, consequences of the stoning and tear gas, and some of the hooligans on the River and the police forces.

link for video which contains the driving scene:


Police in Buenos Aires have no official information on injured people, but there are certainly a large number of citizens and fans with minor injuries, cuts, burns, stone and tear gas consequences, and some of the hooligans on the River and the police forces.

Buenos Aires was like a battlefield last night (Video)

River Plate fans have triggered large-scale violence, clashed with Argentine police, attacked the Boca Juniors bus while the visiting players and the professional headquarters moved to the Monumental Stadium in the rematch final match at Copa Libertadores.

Indoor traffic, inverted containers and cars, tear gas, close encounters, etc. Disorder failed to prevent police even despite the large number of police officers on the ground, around the stadium, on the streets.

The competition between teams whose rivalry is ranked among the five in the football world is set for tonight at 9pm Central European time. Whether it will be played for now has no answer from Argentina.


The madness in Argentine football has no end. Boca Juniors in the eyes of a rematch of the final match against the big rival River Plate in Copa Libertadores received support from 50 to 50,000 coaches. When you look at this earthquake, but literally an earthquake, you will think that the sword is already beginning.

It's hard to say that outside the stadium there were over 10,000 fans for which there was no place in the stands, which means Boca has a small stadium that does not collect all the faithful fans of the training, and not the game, especially the derby against River.

"We apologize to the fans, to those over 10,000 who stayed outside. Boca did not have any measures for this training and made it out of the open type, but unfortunately there was no place for everyone. There were already more people than they should, and even the stairs had occupied them, "said club president Daniel Angelicki.

Although the club's management initially decided to open La Bombonera for celebration in the event Boca would raise the trophy tomorrow, the decision was changed at the last minute, and the rationale is logical. They want the grass and the stadium to stay read.

Pain, tears and sadness among fans after incidents in front of "Monumental" (PHOTO)

The chaos lasted for hours in Buenos Aires, and the police had to use rubber bullets to expel hooligans, and after the "war" on the streets, the picture is very sad.

After the incidents, both for football players and fans, there was a painful "sobering" about what was going on, so the question remains is whether the match will be played tonight.

President Boca disappointed: We should be ashamed of such things ...

Boca Juniors president Daniel Angelici is disappointed that a group of fans destroyed the enjoyment of the remaining 60,000 spectators who were looking forward to the rematch of the Copa Libertadores duel at the Monumental Stadium.

River fans stoned the bus in front of the stadium, after which several Boca players were injured, and the match was delayed for today.

"We were expecting a celebration. This is a sad event for all of us. I want to thank the River and CONMEBOL, who accepted the postponement of the match. We did not want to play with injured players. We should be ashamed of such things. The entire match expected the match, and only a few fans destroyed the spectacle, "the president said.

Otherwise, Superclassico should be played tonight at 21 o'clock. To recall, the first match ended 2-2 on "Bombing".