This fall Belgrade will host the three European giants Liverpool, Napoli and PSG, which together with Crvena Zvezda make up C in this year's Champions League.

Fans of "red and white", as well as all other supporters of the Italian, French and English giants, finally received information plus tickets for the three spectacular matches of "Rajko Mitic". Today, Crvena Zvezda's management revealed the ticket prices for these duels, and it's interesting that they will not be sold individually for each match separately, but in a package for all three matches.

The lowest tickets are for the northern and southern stands, which cost 3.900 denars (65euro). Tickets for the side seats on the western panel are sold at 15,000 dinars or 7,800 denars, (127 Euro)while the central ones are the most expensive and are priced at 18,000 dinars or 9,300 denars (152 euros). The ticket price for the side seats on the eastern tribune is 12,000 dinars (6,250 denars)(100 euros), while for the central price is 15,000 dinars (7,800 denars)(127 euros).

However, these prices do not apply to the most faithful fans of "red and white", that is, those who have season tickets will receive a 50% discount. The first team that will be visiting Belgrade is Italian Napoli, on September 18 from 21:00.