Al Jazeera Balkans - October 9, 2018 - It was a goal, it was not a goal, it was a penalty, it was not a penalty ... All football disputes, fans, footballers, surveyors and generals after the battle for controversial judicial decisions will soon be past FIFA video technology forced to flood the stadiums on the planet and deprive football of the injustice caused by a human error.

After testing the World Cup in Russia, the first major competition in which the VAR system was used in all matches, he minimized the impact of human error in the game and the result.

That technology from the next season will be used in the Champions League, the Euro 2020 and the final tournament of the League of Nations in 2021. The number of countries that they use for their own league soccer matches from year to year is growing.

Croatia has announced that this season will partially start using the VAR as a test. Judging from the situation in our region, it will take a long time for the VAR system to overcome the mistakes of the judges in the matches in Nis, Mostar, Novi Sad or Banja Luka. At least as long as UEFA does not impose it as an obligation.

There are many reasons for this - from the existing infrastructure, which is among the worst and the most fragile in Europe, to the price of that technology that is too high for clubs and unions from the territory of the former Yugoslavia.

"According to the old practice, no one here trusts the judges and everyone knows why. However, given the price and the very poor infrastructure of the stadiums in Serbia, where most of them are from the middle of the last century, will be welcomed by introducing the VAR system in the Super League, "said Saso Ilijoski, sports journalist in" Zhurnal "," Sport " and "Vecernje Novosti" from Belgrade.

"Serbia's Football Association is principled for introducing the goal and the WAR, but one is the wishes and the other is the reality. Serbian football can only advance privatization. It will result in better infrastructure and consistent respect of all five factors from that system, better honest trial, and then approximation to European standards. VAR technology would help, but for the advancement of football, new stadiums, first class courts, training centers and more trust in the league are needed. Unfortunately, for such large investments clubs have no money, "he adds.

According to him, only the two clubs in Serbia - Partizan and Crvena Zvezda - can use this technology, which they used in European cups.

How much does the league cover with video technology?

As explained to us by the Football Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, for 12 clubs of the elite rank, that sum would be at least two million euros and that's not all - it needs additional training for judges and officials, as well as good informational infrastructure to operate the system what's needed. That is the reason why the football league in BiH will wait until the last minute, that is, until it becomes a request of the International Football Association.

"Two million euros is the lowest price that can depend on many factors and 20 million. The minimum requirements for VAR are four cameras, three of which are standard and one behind the goal. The price also depends on whether you have one central room for the entire league video for the whole league or for a report vehicle next to the stadium, "says Elmir Pilav, executive director of the sport sector at the BiH FS.

Since the VAR system will be used in the next season for the playoffs, the stage of European cups poses a question as clubs from BiH and Serbia that will play in them will solve the problem of lack of video technology? As unofficially told us by the FSBiH, UEFA has not yet discussed the issue, but there are bridging clues so UEFA would produce signal production and send the data on the ground directly to its headquarters in Nyon. There they would analyze and contact the chief judge for suggestions for controversial moments. Given all the problems, it is clear that Serbia and BiH will wait with the introduction of the WAR as long as they can.

While during the competition on the west of them the decisions of the arbiter of terror will be monitored in an attempt to bring the most straightforward decision in disputable situations, in Serbia and BiH for a long time the hearings will be heard - Judge Lopov!