The international break came at the right time for Real Madrid. The 6 hours of goal drought is a long time. This is the time to end unexpected poor runs. Hopefully, Isco and Marcelo will come back with a bang against Levante. Nothing will be easy for Madrid, especially this weekend. Pressure is really high. We can't afford to lose again. The win is needed anyhow.

Levante levelled Madrid in both matches of last season so we have to be more careful. Especially our defence is not strong enough. Returning of Marcelo will help in front but he is also can't get back quickly so Levente can create counter attack anytime. I am hopeful returning of Marcelo and Isco will end the drought. Isco was playing very well before his illness a month ago. He is a fantastic player. He scores, he provides assists, his tackles are amazing, his dribbling skill is good and especially he can beat opponents with his awesome footwork. We are on worst goal drought for 33 years which need to need emphatically this Saturday. There is nothing else to do.