Man U beat Bournemouth by an aggressive score of 4-1 and Man U scored 12 goals in last 3 matches after Mou left and its wonderful how can it be possible. But Man U failed to keep a clean sheet again. Highlights needs for defensive investors. If you can't keep out Cardiff, Huddersfield and Bournemouth, you git no chance against PSG, Man City and Liverpool.

I wonder why don't MU players perform in the start of the season like the way they are doing now just after MOU get sacked, it is not that Solskajier has a magic wand. I think the players, especially Pogba didn't want to play under MOU so they performed badly and for this, they must apologize to their fans for the matches wasted. They lost with even lower ranked team than Bournemouth and Huddersfield at the start. Crosses were not accurate like now even with same players, the goal was not coming with the same striker, they looked like afraid to take counter attacks but now every minute they try for it, Failed to build stable play at midfield but now it looks like well enough. I think there is something else, something they don't want us to know. But leave it, Mou also won his first three matches. Let them win bigger team first. But the differences in the same player under MOU and now is pure visible. MOU was unlucky, he didn't get enough support from players and management.

Fans of Man U are so happy right now and yeah they deserve, they won again and again. But let them play against big teams like PSG, Liverpool so truth will display on the ground. One defeat alone will send United back to default setting. They are enjoying goals nowadays but I am damn sure when PSG will come to them, they will wish Mourinho still be their coach. Don't get destroyed in Old Trafford.

Best of luck.