It was painful. Honestly, it was painful. Germany is my emotion and I feel upset, feel pain when things go worst. That was a good game last night against France. Honestly speed, combination, passing was good. Crosses inside the box and poor striking was a problem yesterday. Warner didn't get real chances, Sane' to uncertain. The game must be more designed that Werner can benefit from it, may be Reus could have added a goal. But in the end result matters, not performance.

We can't say like, we were toe to toe to world champions, we played well etc. This shit talking is for small teams. If you are a German, you won or not, there is nothing in between, especially when defeat became constact. A day before, England destroyed Spain with a similar game as the one played by Die Mannschaft last night but England was cruel and lethal in front of the gate while we threw opportunities out of the window. No matter who is upfront, veterans like Muller, Reus or young wolves like Werner and Sane, Germany doesn't score. We have this problem since spring and Jogi and the staff are not capable to find the solution. All rest is poetry, soap opera and irrelevant small talk. So, get back to work and fix the problem.