The tean was organized to play 4-3-3 but I saw pretty unusual like 1-5-4 while defending and 3-4-3 while attacking. Its sucidal and I dint think we can play like that against big team.

Our midfield was not impressive from the start. The team keeo crossing the long ball to Bale. He could've score more but this type of play will not be a solution for big teams. Toni Kroos was not in his best but he played well, completed 98% passes(116/118). Only after Modric went in midfield started to be more creative.  I wonder how can a person bench Modric against Ceballos? 

The defensive formation is good because of midfieldmidfield but when attacking 3-4-3 formation doesn't look good. If big teams contains the ball wide they can attack and we can do nothing due to lack of LB or RB. 4-1-2-1-2 could be great choice pressing and the players can mark with 1 on 2 situation.Marcelo proved his offensve appetite once again. 

So, I am not sure that the formation Lopetegui is trying on the offensive phase is good for us. He is obviously knows the capability of players and trying to search a new solutions but I am bit worried. I really hope to see Real Madrid as a driver seat in laliga.

Hala Madrid