Waited for 3 matches and he finally score his first Serie A goal in fourth match today against Sassuolo. The game was intresting and Sassuolo was also trying far score, especially when they were down by 2-0. E. Can first half was awesome but he made some errors in second half which need to improve. Everyone played well average. Ronaldo already scores hattrick if his two simple shots was netted. Sassuolo's Ferrari was in good form but his some attacks were not enough to hurt Juventus. Sassuolo's Babacar scores one back in added time but that Juve got 3 points. Now, they 12 from 4 and they are league leader. D. Costa was only player who was in his below average form and got red card too for misbehave and that's not good though.

But its all about CR7 today. It took 4 games and 28 shots to score opening goal in Serie A for Ronaldo. Now, you can only imagine what will CR7 will do in upcoming matches. CR7 will definitely conquer Italy too. His Juve's career can only be more successful now on. And he also surpassed 400 league goals and congrats CR7 for that awesome achievement. It was an wonderful afternoon in Italy and everyone around the world celebrating his goal.

CR7 the best.