England Premier League 9.Week's terrific take to the stage with a match. Saturday 20 October Day at 11:30 GTM Blues and Red Devils will face.

Chelsea Division

Chelsea remaining 8 weeks 6 wins 2 draw with Manchester City whilst getting amassed 20 points and shares first place with 3 Liverpool. West Ham face of almost one castle they play, all the matches we have to think outside of the opposite Liverpool Sturridge's goal on 89 minutes to win as they were quite possible punctuation.

Chelsea, took 3 wins from 4 matches played at Stamford Brige. This process at the Arsenal, Bournemouth and whether defeated Cardiff, Liverpool have been drawn from the championship contenders.

Finally returning to his office from the shores of 3 years 2 times Serie A championship in Naples Sarri, citizen Conte took over the team per season. Unlike Conte's defensive structure, we are familiar with attacking football Sarri leveled the game the team has a purchase order that. Some of the "crazy ball" which he terms the Italian coach of the team for the first 8 weeks at 67.1% ball control City (69.6%) followed by 2nd-order.

Eden Hazard is undoubtedly the star of the team but the most important role player Jorginho. Jorginho old student from Naples Sarria. It continues where it left off. all offensive actions of Chelsea walks through Italian players. Indeed, as of 8 weeks maximum ball meets the league in points per game (116) and makes accurate passes (97) players in position.

Here I would like to refer more to the 2 players. The first goal last week against a 1 Southampton 1 assists a successful performer Ross Barkley. spent last season due to injuries just luck finding players who play in the second league match, will facilitate the work of Sarria Barkley-Kovacic equation and I think Kovacic't jerseys armor.

The other Álvaro Morata. He also broke with a goal at the last minute this past week found that fasting goal. For a while was the focus of criticism. Giroud does not seem like it will get the form from now on behalf of Chelsea, but in terms of increasing competition inside the team a positive situation.

Overall, the show has so far sided unbiased everyone with a performance that won the admiration of a Chelsea. Eye-pleasing and enjoyable to watch football on the team. It is already difficult to know will it be enough to keep them in the title race. Rivals Manchester City and Liverpool almost perfect image. Advantages to struggle in the Uefa Europa League. So they will experience difficulties in the rotation. Hazard and Jorhingo the case may struggle to prevail on possible forms of disability and impairment.

Manchester United Division

Last week the first 7 weeks so far amassed 10 points and Manu worst start in the last 29 years (1989-1990 Season 7 points in the first 7 weeks) threw signature. When they finished the first half 2-0 behind the Newcastle match from now on we start thinking that he would resign or get fired Or, Mourinho after the match, they threw 3 3-2 winners in the last 20 minutes they knew the separation from goal match.I think it was a surprise for Mourinho. Because the team that had been put forward so far reluctant games that can turn a match they fell back one would expect. I do not know what is spoken at the break, but I made that speech motivating the team Mourinho, and I do not think he even listened to the conversation of the team.Unlike the statistics I think they put forward a very good game. This team already direktörsüz technical skills to play this way with quality staff. They found that after 70 minutes but his free kick goal from use of Mata's.Newcastle were and tried to play the ball a little smart ass-print in the interests could score easily from this match. 4 If I used the wrong counting their sixth corner threw in the second half. While the score 2-2 in a very comfortable position diamine was the turning point can not be sent to the ball. They lost on them must be the dominant form of lead have not received yet. changes also reflect negative tactics Benitez. Results Mourinho also won the Manu and prolong the life get a little. This back story of the likelihood of future return would say it is too low. (With start winning United)

Last week course of these taking place in Manchester's main problem is that the field if we look at external events: receipt of Pogba's assistant captain, including Mourinho's heavy insults on social media a sharing of experienced players in Valencia's like, etc. events Mourinho recently having constant problems with the press gives the impression that it is close to inevitable. Although the team still will be filled in the last 3 years, even staying in a 5 star hotel in Manchester hotel costs Mourinho came to the fore. These parts are then reflected behind the scenes who knows what else is happening.

At 8 week renewed collected 14 goals, 13 points. Ideally, staff could not find the forward trio (4-3-3't a) Except Lukaku, whose team will play a non-specific. Martial Rasford and can not find a place, a tool that converts into an ordinary player Alexis Sanchez. More precisely, let's coach. Since the beginning of the season players are reluctant image and the results will not last long taken as evidence of this association.


The two teams previously met 166 times. 51 Chelsea win, Manchester United have 64 victory. 51 matches ended in a draw. We see that the home side won the last 5 matches:

Comments / Predictions

I do not think would ruin Sarria 11 in the last match. difficult to predict what Mourinho will do. He betrayed not think I would win the match took a squad to win the thoughts I distribute all the dark clouds. Again, the defensive as we know they will be probably the form team 5-4-1 or 5-3-2. Chelsea will have more of the ball, especially in the 0-0 game going already obvious. If the ball leaves the case to go forward as he did not perform in that match in Liverpool match can perform in this match under the leadership of Hazard. Manu defense can lead by taking advantage of different vulnerabilities. If long-Match went 0-0 on the estimated Mourinho may be forced to choose to open the lock, depending on the Chelsea will be De Gea's performance in this direction. Pedro will probably enter the game in these minutes. You can change the score with quickness. The course of the match that will determine definitely thrown-to- first goal. There are doubts about whether it can indicate the reaction of the big teams in Manchester. Although there may appoint senior defense even Chelsea's goal. Featured signature and they can now throw a big surprise. Otherwise I can not wait to come back once more in that atmosphere. Chelsea's match with the performance shown so far deserves to be the favorite. I think they will win.