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My Moanday

Sunday the 16th day of December 2018 was a all round moanday for akudozen as my team got knocked out and my club Manchester United got their ass kicked by Klopp's men at Anfield. I felt so helpless and devastated that night.

The qualification matches for the 1st National Inter-congregational Football match is ongoing. The tournament will be made up of 36 teams with one team representing a State. For the Akwa Ibom State qualifications we had 4 teams left in which our team was part of it.

My team Campus COC FC welcomed COC AKA FC on our home ground

We set our feet strong on the day as we had only two hurdles to cross.

Campus COC FC went into the game with unstable feet as most of the first team players got missing due to the Christmas Holidays, so they coach had to do away with the players on ground on the day.

The match kicked off at 5 PM local time (16:00 GMT).

The game saw both teams starting on their front foot as both team try taking the lead. Both keepers were at their best in the first half as the ball keeps visiting.

The first half ended in a barren draw as every department tried to be disciplined on the day.

The second half came with no good news for my team as the defense line licked badly. Our opponent took the lead 5 minutes into the second half of the game.

That was a hard one on our team, but we try balancing the scoreline in two occasions but it yielded no positive result.

COC AKA FC hit their second goal through a bullet shoot at the 86 minute to buried our hope of coming back into the game.

The game came to an end after two additional minutes by the referee.

And that was it, our hope of qualifying for the maiden edition of the National inter-congregational football competition ended on the pitch.

It was a woeful performance from my team, it got so worried who stole our attacking spirit because it was no where to be found in both halves. Our strikers were simply a shadow of themselves on the day.


The United Story

The trauma didn't just end with me and my team being knocked out of the competition but Manchester United added more salt to my injury as they bow 3-1 to Liverpool at Anfield.

It was only four days as it was another embarrassing defeat for Manchester United after bowing for Valencia in their last UEFA champions league group stage game.

Before the big match the boss himself 'Jose Mourinho' dominated the headlines in major radio and television stations and even national dailies.

Mane draws the first blood to give the hope side the lead but United balance the game before half time. The game seems to be balance as Jose Mourinho's boys try calming the Liverpool's attack.

Klopp then brought in Xherdan Shaqiri which turns the game around as he shines out on the day.

Jurgen Klopp's moved back to the top of the league after such a comprehensive 3-1 win over United.

Jose Mourinho refused to change from his normal way of blaming each defeat to one thing or the other, as he blamed those two goals from Shaqiri to deflections.


Another Miss

I missed the live blog hosted by @jon.bonomo at the same time because I was fully involved in the National inter Congregational quaification match in my State. I lost some token, the fun and the excitement on that day, and what did i get in return? “a double lost”.

Oh! Poor me.

It's was a sad day for @akudozen.

Words Of Encouragement

Worry No More @akudozen your team still got the fire in them, hopefully when the all team is back you will shine again.

For the live blog you still have bigger matches waiting for you so cheer up.


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