Like the Christmas holidays, the Easter festive holiday has brought friends from far and wide together once again. I went to watch the Nasarawa United evening training but I ended being attracted by some children using the base Ball bat to play a game they called Kwara-Kwara. The name quickly bring back this 2001 South Africa movie 'Mr Bones' to my mind, because that was the first and only place I heard that name.


If the ball touch any player's leg it's foul

If a player passes the bat in between his legs it's foul against such player.

Since it's they are playing the game on a Sandy area, slashing of the sand particles is also a foul.


The goal mouth was 3 foot long while stones where used to indicate both ends.


Each team was made up of 3 players.


So today I will bring to you photos I took there. Enjoy.


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