The Spaniard went to the field in the jubilee match with Mateo, who was born prematurely.

When you drive into the search string of the browser named David Silva, the algorithm invariably throws out the top queries related to the son of a Spanish football player. In December 2017, not only fans of Manchester City watched Silva and the situation with his son, who was born very prematurely.

Yessica Suarez Gonzalez, the civil wife of the football player, had premature births, and the baby was born in the sixth month of pregnancy. Toddler Mateo was urgently placed under the life support and round-the-clock observation of doctors in Valencia.

Silva did not get into the "City" application for several matches in a row, and then went out and became the best player of the match with "Bournemouth". Fans around the world began to write to the Spaniard the words of support, and Pep Guardiola was ready to grant the Spaniard an indefinite leave.

Wrote one fan of "MC" on Twitter and gave a general opinion. The Spaniard is an example of professionalism.

The story ended on May 15. Silva thanked on Twitter the doctors from the hospital Casa de Salud for the professionalism and salvation of his son and finally returned to his thoughts in football.

The inspired David hammered "Huddersfield" with a phenomenal free-kick, created six moments for the partners and generally acted as useful as possible.

Fortunately, the story ended well. Silva was replaced by a standing ovation "Etihad", but at that moment he probably thought of Mateo. Football is life, but the family is always in the first place.