While Cristiano Ronaldo is raking up the scandal, Serie A is undermined by Piątek.

Why say about him

After seven matches in the Serie A, Genoa is in the second part of the table, but thanks to the productive newcomer he doesn’t get off the front pages of the Italian media - Krzysztof Piątek scores in every Serie A match. The last time this was possible Gabriel Batistuta season-1994/95. Then Piątek was not even born yet.

A total of 23-year-old striker put 13 goals in 8 games: mad statistics thanks to the Lecce poker in the Italian Cup. Neymar, Eden Hazard, Leo Messi and other strikers from the top 5 championships behind the noname - it is Piątek who is now the top scorer in Europe. “People are surprised at the start of the season, but not me. I understand that I can become even better, the ceiling is high. I know what I can do. The main thing to work", - the attacker is calm and confident in the future success.

Who created it

Father had a decisive role in the development of Krzysztof Piątek. Sr. closely followed the development of his son and cooled him in time - in childhood, the boy had an explosive character. “From a naughty guy, Pentek grew up to be a professional, for whom football comes first. If it were not for the dad with strict rules, Krzysztof would not be where he is now. When the boy didn’t come to the training, it was enough to get his father - the problem was quickly solved,” - recalls one of the first coaches of the player, Andrzej Bolisega.

How did you get to Serie A

The financial condition of Serie A middle peas is seriously different from the second-tier clubs of England or Germany, so the Italians use scouts in Eastern Europe to the fullest - for relative pennies, you can find a future superstar. Therefore, when the owner of Genoa was shown cutting with the actions of a guy who scored 21 goals per season in Poland, the functionary did not think for a long time.

“I gave him 4.5 million euros, but look at how much it will cost in a few years. We don’t throw away such money just like that,” - Enrico Preziosi knows how to do business. This summer, for four other players, the club paid more, 10 more players have a salary higher.

450 thousand euros a year was fully arranged for Krzysztof, because the main thing for him now is not money: “I want everything to go gradually. Genoa is a good place to achieve new goals. The club relies on young people and takes care of its progress: Pietro Pellegri at the age of 16 moved to Monaco, and Giovanni Simeone went to Fiorentina.

How to adapt in Italy

At the first medical examination, Piątek did not see the crowd of joyful fans and was not at all surprised by that - he was not Diego Milito, after all. During medical tests at the club clinic, only a few people realized that someone had appeared new. In recent months, everything turned upside down: sometimes it is difficult to walk 100 meters and not run into a request for a photo. Fans call him pistolero and when they see him they shoot their fingers - the company celebration of the Pole.

In the debut game, the forward scored four goals, so he immediately fell under the sights of the tabloids. After a conversation with one of the journalists, Krzysztof could not understand what was going on: messages flew in with greetings from friends from Poland, subscribers increased in instagram. Piątek thought that he had given an interview to a local newspaper, but it turned out that he talked with an employee of La Gazzetta dello Sport - the largest sports publication in Italy.

Piątek mastered in Genoa: otherwise he would not have scored so much. However, it is believed that in winter it will be necessary to change geolocation again. The footballer is watched by all the superclubs of Europe: from Bayern, where Lewandowski slowed down, to Barcelona, ​​in which the level of Luis Suarez falls. About the interest of the Catalans, the Pole knows: “I heard that Barcelona wants me. But I do not believe it”. The amount of compensation is not provided, but the price tag will grow with each match, because Krzysztof will not cease to destroy: he also scored in the debut match for the Polish team against the Portuguese, in the UEFA Nations League game.

This guy definitely has a great future!