Bayern does not want to lose the Frenchman, but he is on the verge.

Jack Wilshere, Marco Reus, Arjen Robben, crystal. Now, Kingsley Coman has also entered this associative array. From the beginning of the year, the Frenchman suffered a lot because of injuries - damage and rehabilitation took 171 days and 33 games. But more Koman will not tolerate this: “I hope I will never have to worry about what I had to go through. If additional surgery is needed, I will finish my football career.”

Last December everything was fine. Kingsley extended the contract with Bayern until the summer of 2023, at the edges of the attack looked like a worthy heir to Ribery and Robben and was waiting for the 2018 World Cup. Winger did his best to keep his body in the strongest physical condition: he refused carbonated drinks, ate a lot of vegetables and slept in the daytime.

Proper nutrition and other precautions are not saved from unfortunate circumstances. In late February, the midfielder injured his left ankle in a game with Herta and thundered on the operating table. We managed to recover by the end of the season (Kingsley even went to the German Cup final), but head coach Didier Deschamps did not take a player to Russia - Coman lost the title of world champion due to a damaged ankle.

22-year-old football player swallowed annoyance and sent forces to prepare for the season-2018/19. In the first round of the Bundesliga, the Frenchman went into the starting lineup for the game against Hoffenheim, but did not finish the game before the break. Nico Schulz tried to stop the jet Kingsley in the tackle, but drove straight into the sore spot. Coman lay on the grass and covered his face with his hands - he understood that he was in trouble again.

After the second round of hell, the young man decided that he no longer wanted to feel hopeless longing during rehabilitation:

“I will not be operated on for the third time - I’ll have enough of that. If my legs are not meant for such a life, I will have to do something else.”

It sounds like a neglect of the gift of talent and the unattainable dream of millions, but this Coman’s intention is quite reasonable.

First, by the age of 22, Kingsley designed an incredible performance career. The Frenchman drove in top shirts PSG, Juventus, Bayern, took 13 trophies with these clubs and even trampled the lawn in the Champions League final. With the French team, the winger received the Euro 2016 silver and became the second best young player in the tournament. This guy has already written his name in the story.

Secondly, the rational use of earned money will allow Coman to live comfortably until old age. According to Silly Season, now the football player receives in the Bayern 157 thousand euros per week. The profile on the Transfermarkt and the Instagram account shows that the player is also on the contract with Nike.

These two factors completely allow you to leave football in order not to torture your health and to walk without pain in your legs after 40. Besides the eternal physical discomfort, Kingsley can make psychological problems - in Bayern there was already a similar case. Hope German football early 2000s Sebastian Deisler almost half of his career was treated, at the same time getting depressed, and still finished with football early - at 27.

At the last press conference, Deisler admitted: “I no longer believe in my knee. It was an ordeal. I can no longer play football with pleasure, but I don’t want to do something in full force.”

Most likely, Coman knows this story and does not want to repeat the mistakes of others. Why suffer if you still end up anyway, but already exhausted in the trash?

After an awesome goal at Ajax, the main people in Bayern tried to hush up the situation. Niko Kovac expressed the hope that after a beautiful ball, Koman would stop thinking about a possible injury, and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge urged not to be afraid of difficulties: “In modern football, injuries cannot be avoided, it is very fast and aggressive. The main thing is to return without moral damage.”

Of course, ideally an unknown force will guard the ankle of Kingsley and nothing bad will happen to him. But if what the player is so afraid of yet happens, no one will have the right to judge him. Better trouble-free life than throbbing pain.