Antonio Mohamed has already beaten Atletico Madrid.

In the match against Celta, the Atletico boss was pushed into the background: before the game he kissed his friend Antonio on the cheek, and after that he became dejected. Coach opponent blinded the audience with stylish sunglasses, when his Celta crumpled "Indians" on the field.

Now the "Celestes" will be as crazy as their coach. The glory of the crazy guy was fixed for Mohamed in the club Toros Neza. The Mexican team became famous for its bright performances: before the team photos, players put on wigs, dyed their hair, and clung to the face of the mask. The author of the insane idea was Antonio - he was also one of the first in Mexico to abandon the classic colors of boots.

In Argentina, Antonio immediately nicknamed the El Turco. All because of the nationality, but not Turkish - in the hot football player flowed Syrian, Lebanese, Yugoslav and Chilean blood. Fans in Latin America were too lazy to understand the origin of the guy, and Antonio liked it. He often jokes over the Arabic roots: "With the name of Mohamed, there are often problems in the USA. At the entrance they check everything: from my books to the nails on my feet."

El Turco crazily dreamed of Europe, but the transfer to the Fiorentina did not give him anything. The guy was listed in Florence for two years - in fact, he floundered about renting and did not have a single match in Italy. The son of Mohamed Farid dreamed about Europe as well - the boy persuaded his father to go to Germany to warm up for the Argentina national team at the 2006 World Cup.

That trip turned into a catastrophe for his family. On the highway between Dresden and Frankfurt am Main, the oncoming car unsuccessfully overtook and collided with Mohamed's car, which, together with his son and three friends, was heading for football. Antonio received a terrible fracture of his leg: because of the damage, he spent almost a month and a half lying around in the hospital and was in the balance of amputation of his leg. But the coach did not think about himself - a couple of days after the accident, his nine-year-old son died.

The tragedy hit the family hard. Mohamed never talks about the accident and avoids questions about his son. Quarrels with his wife did not end, after which the couple firmly refused to try to have another child. Later Argentine media reported that Mohamed is no longer together, and May's eldest daughter of parents lays photos of parents separately.

The tragedy occurred 12 years ago, but the coach is still madly going through and tries not to stay alone for a minute. All the free from training time he spends with the players to better recognize them and fill the void. Mohamed is sure that football players can give results even without insane possibilities, it is enough to reveal their personalities and the strongest qualities.

"If you become a part of a footballer's personal life, you can squeeze a lot out of him," -Mohamed said. 

He strives to become a friend for the players, and the style of the tyrant coach despises severely, because football players are more important than any coach.

In Europe, Antonio got through the president of the Celta Carlos Mouriño, who is half Mexican and monitors the home championship. He liked the style of Mohamed, who does not agree with the crazy attacking dances on the field. Antonio loves disciplined defense and high-speed access to the attack. In all three matches of La Liga, Celta gave the ball to her opponent, and then bitten Espanyol, Levante and Atletico on the counter attack. His friend Simeone got worst of all - the "Indians" never struck the "Celestes" target.

After three rounds in La Liga, Celta is in third place with seven points immediately after the two giants - Barcelona and Real.

Antonio changes pants, shirts, goggles and ties, but one accessory remains unchanged. "They help me to feel the presence of my son. He is still there," - Mohamed admitted, who never takes a beads.