Many did not believe in Mohamed, but most importantly, Klopp believed.

Mohamed Salah stabbed the Premier League last season too much. It is logical that in the drawing-2018/19 anomalous implementation (and it was recognized as such by almost all experts) is too hard to maintain. But even such introductory did not save the Egyptian from the mud flow. Fans and journalists have added of the Klopp to Mo's haters, who changed Salah in important matches when it was necessary to recoup or be sure to win. An exemplary sending to the bench half an hour before the end of the match with Chelsea and replacing Mo a few minutes before exterminating PSG seemed the end of African miracles in European football, but Salah did not pay attention to it.

“He is still good at attacking actions, and this is important. Finishing is almost impossible to guarantee,” - Jürgen Klopp explained the replacement of the Egyptian in the match with PSG.

A month has passed since then: Salah scored in three games in a row (4 goals) and silenced the critics. The crisis of Mohamed, who inflated after a difficult start to the season, was too exaggerated, and a decline in performance was expected. The Egyptian had a crazy last season, which ended in injury and a forced recovery to the World Cup. There, Salah did not receive happiness either - defeats from the Russian team often traumatize the psyche. But if no joke - Mo sample of the new season is hardly weaker than last year's self.

Firstly, the Egyptian is one of the best in the Premier League in terms of key indicators on the position. He is in the top three for strikes, strikes on the target and strikes from the penalty area, and even more often the others have obvious moments. Too good for a falling guy. Is not it?

Secondly, defenders still have not adapted to the speedy and robben-like style of Salah. The Premier League prepared the Bull Terriers to deter Klopp's attacking plans, but did not find an antidote against Mohamed. Egyptian from the start of the season-2018/19 has the best in the league xG, which means in the long run will score more.

In addition, the forward generates more goals than xG predicts. In all seasons, the Egyptian fired better than expected statistics, which means there is no reason for failure throughout the entire campaign-2018/19. Klopp was aware that the leader did not lose the skills that made him a machine for executions, and did not put Mo in reserve even after frankly unsuccessful performances. Now the Egyptian pays the coach the return of last year afterburner.

In a match with Cardiff, Moe was cut through the skills of the playmaker. Two assists and 3 key passes are strange for the forward (the Egyptian, according to Whoscored, played the center forward) performance, but the new Salah is like that. He often moves to new zones (center of attack) and is looking for partners. The evolution of the leader of Liverpool is going according to plan. And they even follow her on the scoreboard of the Egyptian league.

For the history of the Premier League, none of the guys who scored more than 30 goals in a season (there were six of them) did not retain the same performance. Salah is unlikely to be the first, but to give a decent 20-25 capable.

"I had no doubts, he had no doubts, but if you are constantly asked about this, you begin to think. I hope the talk about the decline of Salah will now cease,” - said Klopp after the Egyptian double in the Champions League. Jurgen, it seems you have waited.