And also the thriller in Dortmund, the brilliant Paco Alcácer and the best goals of the evening.


Main event

On Old Trafford screamed “Mourinho - out” by the tenth minute of the match with Newcastle - the defenders missed two hits from the penalty area, which De Gea could not cope with. For the first time, MU started from 0: 2 in the Premier League so early.

After the 70th minute, “United” was rescued by two people who were oppressed by Mourinho - Mata and Martial. On the 90th victory for mankuniantsev snatched the one whose salary is most often spoken in England - Alexis Sanchez.

3:2 - Manchester won the seventh match in the history of the Premier League, in which it conceded 0:2. And this is a unique achievement, because other teams have a maximum of three such comebacks.

For Wolverhampton in the starting lineup for the match with the Crystal Palace came seven players of the agency Jorge Mendes - the entire top three of the attack, three of the four midfielders and goalkeeper Rui Patricio.

Goal of the day

Gylfi Sigurdsson won the match with Leicester for Everton beautiful long-range strike. This is his 50th goal in the Premier League and the 19th from outside the penalty area. Since the debut of the Icelander in England, no one has put so many long shots (the same number of goals from Coutinho).

Regression of the day

Champion Leicester Wes Morgan is not the same as before. In the match with "toffees" he received a red card - the second in three matches. That is, he grabbed the deletion, served a ban, played another game, and next went away again. And in the previous 137 matches, Morgan had only 1 red card. Genius.

Save the day

Tottenham won Cardiff 1:0, but that would not have happened without Hugo Lloris. The captain of the French national team made arrangements with Barça in the Champions League and got better in the EPL. Hugo famously transferred to the bar a dangerous blow with his head at close range.


Main event

Real did not score again, missed in the 95th minute and lost to Alaves - 0:1. The Madrid club left without a goal in the fourth match in a row and didn’t play too hard on it - 4 shots on target from 12 attempts with 70% of possession screaming that the Los Blancos were messing with the ball and did not know what to do with it. Julen Lopetegui took off Benzema at half-time and released Mariano Diaz, and towards the end of the meeting he replaced Bale with Vinicius, but it didn’t get any better.

Alaves scored on the last added minute and soared to the second place in La Liga. Real Madrid is third and lags behind Barca by only three points.

Real twice in history had moments when the dry series grew to four games. And each time the coaches were then fired - the first one was taken 11 days after the match, the second immediately. But Julen Lopetegui still confessed at the press conference, said he was responsible for this difficult period, and then Sergio Ramos in the mixed zone supported the coach: “His dismissal would be insane.” But when this Perez listened to the team.

Goal of the day

The Macedonian Enis Bardhi from Levante beautifully put in a nine from a free-kick and nailed Getafe.


Main event

While Cristiano is removed from the banners in the FIFA 19 social networks, he rapes his opponents in Serie A. He dispersed the attack, which led to Juventus's first goal, and would have scored himself if it hadn't flown into the goalkeeper Bentancur. Four minutes later, CriRo completed the incessant bulk of the Juve and shot Scuffet's target.

Total Udinese 9 times struck the gate and hit the target three times. Statistics only one Ronaldo: 7 shots, 3 in the target. Why do we need the other 10 people in bianconeri shirts?

The match of the day, which was watched only by hipsters

Roma put the ball in each half and calmly dealt with Empoli - 2:0. In this case, her opponent almost twice as often beat on goal, did not realize a bunch of chances and missed a penalty when the score was 1:0. For the Romans, this is the fourth consecutive victory of the season, they temporarily flew to third place in Italy, but next they will play Fiorentina, Inter, Lazio and even Sassuolo, which can bypass the capital club.


Main event

In Bayern, the players again merge the coach. The match for the Munich superclub, as well as for “MU”, started from 0:2. In the 10th minute, Plea struck from a distance so that the ball slipped under Neuer’s hand, and then Thiago lost the ball after a goal kick, Stindl shot the goalkeeper from the penalty area.

Bayern did not work, they seemed to deliberately beat the goalkeeper from the most advantageous positions. There is a suspicion that it was really on purpose - in the Bild they wrote about the dissatisfaction of playing under the guidance of Kovac and his communication with assistants in Croatian, and also James’s cries of “This is not Frankfurt to you”.

And the third goal, Borussia came out revealing. In the penalty area of Bayern there were only three players guests, and two easily won the fight, and when they Hermann's kick Hummels naturally watched as the striker shoots Neuer. 3:0 - Munich has not won four games already and moved in fifth place in the Bundesliga.

The coolest event of the day

Borussia with Augsburg issued a match of seven goals and intrigue to the last breath. Dortmund missed in the first half, won back in the second, a new goal of the guests on the 71st, and a double from Alcacer with Götze in the next 14 minutes. Immediately, the Augsburg equalized the score, but on the 96th Paco from the free-kick snatched the match for Borussia. 4:3 - a sparkling victory, retaining Dortmund first place in Germany and first place in our hearts.

You can learn more about the phenomenal Paco and his hat-trick here.

Best statistics

Paco Alcácer scored 6 goals in the Bundesliga, although he played only 80 minutes. A goal in 23 minutes with Eintracht, a double Bayer for 27 and a hat-trick to Augsburg for half an hour on the field. The best conversion in Germany!

Goal of the day

All the same, Paco Alcácer. Just see how he banged a free-kick, and this is in the 96th minute with a draw. And why Paco spent the rest of his youth on the Camp Nou bench?

Thank you for attention! I wish you all a good football on Sunday!