These couples are so cool that I want to fall asleep until February and wake up from the sounds of the hymn.

The most promising couple

Ajax - Real

An insidious lot fell to Madrid, because today's Ajax is a mega unpleasant opponent. After the collapse last season (they did not make it into the European Cups), the Dutch completely refreshed and slipped through the Champions League group without defeats.

It is clear that the composition of Real on two heads more powerful, but about the Bayern also said so, but she never managed to cope with Ajacieden (1:1 and 3:3). Considering that now the Blancos can get 0: 3 from Eibar and CSKA, the Dutch Grand is a really difficult and dangerous obstacle.

It all depends on Perez: if he signs a top forward in winter, the chances are 70% to 30% in favor of the Spaniards. If not, a maximum of 60% to 40%. But in advance to predict the quarterfinals of Real Madrid is definitely not worth it. Everything is heading towards the fact that the Madrid people will return to that era when they could not wade through the first round of the playoffs six times in a row.

The most powerful pair

Atletico - Juventus

The Signora is clearly glad that Cristiano signed: firstly, he regularly scored the Indians for Real Madrid, and secondly, he clearly knows the weak points of Simeone. It is known that Allegri listens to all sorts of insights and nuances from experienced players, so Ronaldo's experience will definitely come in handy.

Alignment - strictly 50 to 50, but there is a cool intrigue. Either Cristiano will again land Griezmann from the Champions League and leave without the Golden Ball, or Antoine will finally knock out the Portuguese and take a giant step towards the cherished souvenir.

The hottest couple

PSG - Manchester United

Parisians should quietly pass the unfortunate devils, but in terms of the spectacle will be longing.

If Mourinho finishes by February, the plot will develop something like in a recent game with Liverpool - a minimum of attacks, a bare calculation on De Gea, ridiculous snot at a press conference. If Jose is fired for the start of the playoffs, Man United is still unlikely to dramatically improve performance.

In general, PSG will pass Manchester United purely due to speed, variety, athleticism and Tuchel’s tactics. For Thomas it is quite easy, but an important exam: a shameful departure will mean that the Germans were critically early in the top coaches.

Hottest couple

Liverpool - Bayern

Munich will only help emergency change Kovac on Wenger - Arsen knows how to open the Liverpool. Without a Frenchman, a duel with a bright signboard will turn into an ultra-tough beating of a club with outdated management, a decrepit squad, stingy leaders and a physical coach. Klopp will gladly destroy such a Bavaria, avenging his last seasons in the Borussia.

The smallest pair

Roma - Porto

Here you can only mourn. Italians or the Portuguese will be in the quarterfinal, so for one of the top clubs will be an easy walk on the way to the semi-finals.

Most testosterone couple

Tottenham - Borussia

Pochettino should be happy: having won the second place in the group by a miracle, The Spurs thundered into an epic exchange of fire with the updated Borussia. This pair will definitely distribute the most fire and become the most effective - there is no point in hiding in the defense.

Favorite - the Germans (60% to 40%), but they can bring the missed in his field balls. If you look only at the tables, it may seem that Dortmund cleans up defensively, but in fact all the adequate opponents have a few points per game.

The mission of Tottenham - at any cost to throw twice at a party. Probably the only way to qualify for the quarter-finals.

The most predictable pair

Schalke - Man City

Guardiola just got a click from Lion, and then super-collected the rest of the group stage tours. As a result, Pep deserved the draw of the Europa League level. Schalke from the 13th place in the Bundesliga - it's just goodbye, and devastating. Good rest in front of really difficult stages.

Tightest pair

Lyon - Barcelona

It is better not to bet on the favorite. The bottom line is that the French are extremely viscous near their own penalty area, but enchantingly sharp in attack. Sometimes Lyon invents quite cosmic things - it is enough to revise the second goal of Olympique to the gate of Monaco, in order to understand how these guys are punishing for minimal de-concentration.

The verdict is: 65% to 35% in favor of Barça, but do not be surprised if the Catalans are sent overboard either on a foul shot, or in overtime, or at the expense of some paradoxical guest goal.