October 28, we will see something new.

To understand the failures of Los Blancos, let's remember the main troubles of Real Madrid this season:

  • Perez responded badly to Ronaldo’s departure, greed millions for a replacement and spent the controversial Mariano Diaz - the guy is good, but he is damp for seven and plays in a position close to Benzema, not Cristiano.
  • Courtois does not establish mutual understanding with the defenders, and Varan looks just vomit.
  • Lopetegui did not have enough preseason to introduce ideas into the heads of football players, so Real Madrid masters them in the course of the season and is tactically vulnerable for the time being.
  • Injuries to key players at the start: Isco, Benzema, Bale and Marcelo.
  • Abnormal number of canceled goals and bad luck.

The upcoming El Clasico will be released the most unusual in recent years, since it will take place without major stars. Ronaldo went to Juventus, and Messi temporarily dropped out due to a broken arm, which he landed badly during a clash with Vazquez.

Clubs got into a creative crisis, but only at Barça the depreciation is much softer. Today's match with Sevilla demonstrated that the Blaugranas doesn’t fade away in the attack in the absence of a leader, only one “but” - at the time of the loss Leo Barcelona led in two goals. On the other hand, the team Valverde without Messi put as much. Ernesto has been working with Barcelona for the second year already, so from the experience of working with his players, the Blaugranas coach is exactly superior to Lopetegui, who has just met Real Madrid.

In any case, the pause on the UEFA Nations League refreshed the Cataloness, who scored more than 90 in the previous matches with the Andalusians than in the previous three matches, which means that the attack at Barça is going through a reanimation stage.

Luis Suarez, who had not scored six games before Sevilla, still excelled. Despite the goal from the penalty spot, the Uruguayan himself gave rise to all the conditions for a foul from Vaclík and more than once went into sharp positions. After the 2018 World Cup, Luis turned gray, but the episodes at the gates of Sevilla showed that the striker is recovering. Suarez is still shot down, but a top striker needs only one ball to bring him back to the right place. A penalty will obviously contribute to this.

Dembele did not fully replace Messi, but regularly turned out to be free. Ousmane has good dribbling and speed, but sometimes the Frenchman takes on too much and loses the ball, getting angry squeak from Suarez. If Dembele starts to raise his head during attacks, then the dangerous moments at the opponent's goal will double.

Barça also has support from the center in the form of Coutinho, who directs the direction of attacks and charges fantastically from a distance, give him space, and Rakitic, who is less visible ahead, but skillfully connecting attack and defense.

All four defended professional fitness without Argentinean genius in 60 minutes with Sevilla, but Ter Stegen staged the main performance. Although Marc-Andre missed a couple, which is hardly worth bringing, the keeper made incredible saves twice: first, the German parried half-dead strikes, and then managed to finish off a couple of meters.

In October, El Clasico is unlikely to have an iron favorite, but Barça has more bright spots. The teams are in approximately equal conditions - the question is whether Valverde and Lopetegui will have time to bury the holes, which Julen’s in nine rounds formed a little more than Ernesto’s.

Who do you think will be the winner of this super-battle?