The 2018th is clearly not the year of Adrien Rabiot. The Frenchman drove past the World Cup, defiantly abandoning the role of reservist - now he will not be in the national team at Deschamps.

Barcelona very much wanted Rabiot in the summer, and Xavi said that Adrien would be a good acquisition - a sure sign of subject interest. Barça was especially attracted by Adrien’s relatively low financial demands. This item, for example, has become a serious obstacle to the transfer of Paul Pogba to Barça. New coach of Parisians Thomas Tuchel also did not oppose the withdrawal of Rabiot, although he made compliments on duty:

“The future of Rabio is in his hands. It all depends on him, whether he can find a new challenge. Of course, I would like him to stay, because everyone sees his potential, and he has not yet reached the maximum. I like working with him, but this is his decision.”

The sheikhs didn’t want to negotiate with the Catalans - the not very good background of the Neymar transaction and the attempt to “pick up” Marco Verratti had an effect. In Barcelona, ​​they decided to sign a 23-year-old Adrien for free a year later, when his contract expired. Apparently, Rabiot, who rejected the new agreement with PSG, apparently stopped at the same option. It was then that sports director Anteru Enrique threatened for the first time to leave Rabiot on the bench for the whole season. Adrien's stay in the French grande finally turned into a soap opera.

After the summer transfer window was closed, the Parisians again attempted to re-sign Rabiot, simultaneously tapping at Barça in FIFA for secret meetings with a football player. But his own negotiations with him were very hard, because a new character came to the forefront - Adrien's mother, who, by a happy coincidence, is also an agent of her son. She requested an offer for 10 million euros per year and as many more as a lift. PSG was only ready for 7.2 million and another 3 added with bonuses. By mid-October, Rabiot had rejected Paris contracts with an increased salary three times.

In late October, Adrien stayed on the bench in a match with Marseille. According to the official version - due to the fact that he was late for the team meeting, but the truth came to light later. “We have reached an agreement in principle to extend the contract with Rabiot’s advisors. But after the match with Marseille, everything changed,” - said the PSG sports director.

After a few days, it became clear that leaving an obstinate football player in Paris would not work. “Rabiot told me that he would not extend the contract. He wants to leave the club at the end of this season, when the current agreement expires. The consequences are very clear: all this time he will be sitting on the bench,” - said Enrique.

Veronique Rabiot
Here came the turn of the response from mother Rabiot, who gave a fiery interview to RTL France: “The decision to leave is final and irrevocable. The situation is spoiled to the extreme. There is no turning back. In the summer, Adrien wanted to leave PSG and asked him to put him on the transfer. PSG rejected the offer from Barcelona and had the right to do so. Moreover, it arrived the day before the window was closed.
But they pretended they had not heard of the offer. And they refused to release Adrien in the future, despite his desire to leave. The same situation was four years ago. Then Adrien was only 19 years old, and he did not insist. He is now 23 years old and he is buying his freedom.”

All this was said against the background of the information Le Parisien that Rabiot agreed on the terms of a personal contract with Barcelona. Despite the interest of Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool, Adrien is unlikely to change course on the Mediterranean coast. It is possible that PSG will come to its senses and sell the player in the winter - revenge and revenge, and it is necessary to fit into the financial fair play. Parisians have almost no time to think about it - on January 1, Rabiot will be able to sign a contract with any club in the summer to get rid of the Qatari stranglehold on his neck.