Only a few days from the start of the 2018-19 football season Running Pre-Season Europe's big clubs are busy gathering the team. Pre-season match plays as part of the preparatory preparations.

Brazil's next 2018-19 football season is going to be - do not wait to say that. Brazil's triumphant status in Brazil Club is spending millions of dollars in their team! Arthur, Malcolm-Phillip Anderson, who is writing this article, tells this article.

One of the most exciting news of this year was the Brazilian number one Goalkeeper around Ellison. Real Madrid, who had been desperate to meet the goalkeeper in the UCL semifinals last season, was desperate to meet Spain's Real Madrid player Real Madrid. But the end of all the speculation, the world's most expensive goalkeeper, putting Elison to the English club Liverpool!

Already paid $ 66 million to get him out! JuanLuigi Baughan joined Juventus 17 million years ago for a record 48 million dollars. But breaking the record of the buffalo is now the world's most expensive goalkeeper, now Brazilian Alison Baker

Alicia has signed Liverpool with another Brazilian Favinho. The Brazilian midfielder joining the French club Monaco from Liverpool. He told Enfield that he would give the best for winning the title. Alicia and Favinho are getting the club teammate as another Brazilian Timmate Roberto Ferimino. Bobby played extraordinary last season; Viewing Alison-Favinho-Fermino's Club can prove how much they qualify.

Brazilian Arthur Mello was the first Spanish player to win Barcelona in the 2018-19 season. The 21-year-old young midfielder from Brazilian club Graemeos signed with Barcelona Arthur made his debut for Gregory in 2015 under the guidance of Philipp Philippi Scolari. Arthur's best thing is his pass; 94.8% pass percentage is successful! According to Barca Legend Deco, 'Her (Arthur's Quality is Excellent, Best.')

Aurthur Melo

Barcelona recently joined another Brazilian Youngster in their team. Malcolm He has crossed the extraordinary season for the Broydox Club. In the end of the 2018-19 season, the Italian team Roma was in the final stages of signing. But eventually he was hijacked the Catalan club! The club, in exchange for 41 million transfer fees, is in the team.

Phillipe Coutinho

But specifically, in the Philippines, Quotinhero's words are about. The Brazilian fighting midfielder joined Barcelona at the end of last season. The price tag is the highest price in the market! Spanish giants Barcelona, ​​due to sign him from Liverpool for 141 million transfer fees. This little magician will start everything in the new season. There are now more than 4 Brazilians, including Côteño in the Philippines. Malcolm, Marlon, Rafinha and Arthur Mello. Do not wait to say that the new season is going to be Brazilian for Barcelona.

The club has so far signed Brazilian midfielder Fred, the English club manager United. The traditional dressing room from the Donetsk Club of Shakhtar, the Old Trafford - the famous city. How are Fred's days going? Discard the context of how his days in England will be cut. In my opinion, if he has enough time playing the player, he will be successful in the match-maker's jersey. The type of game of his opponent is dangerous for any club. Hope Fred can give his best in the new season.

Italian club Lasagio signals another Brazilian midfield's young Turkish Philippa Anderson signed by English club Westham. This talented star has already recognized his own genius. Anderson scored in the International Champions Cup debut for the club. The new season starts with the new season goal of the Brazilian Youngster. I hope this is the best way to spend the whole season.

Fillipe Anderson

This season was a very silent but quite talked about the fact that Wartford's 21-year-old Brazilian forward Richardson was to join Everton. The Brazilian U-20 team has to spend 50 million to get this footballer! Born in Nova Scotia, Brazil, this talented young footballer, Wartford's jersey, scored 5 goals in 38 games and four assistants as well.

Furious Brazilian club Fluminense has given 8.5 million offers for the upcoming star Pedro, the French club Brododox. Meanwhile, Chelsea has dismissed Barcelona's 5th bid for Willian. But the rumors of rising will be the possible next destination of Willian, the English giant club manager, United. In exchange for 66 million transfers, the Brazilian athletic midfielder can also handle the green grass of Old Trafford. One of the most attractive rumors of the group is still surrounded by Lucas Pakquetta. 21-year-old Brazilian youngster desperate to get to the star Italian giant AC Milan and English club Liverpool. However, the first English club Chelsea wanted Pakquetta. According to Italian reports, AC Milan may be seen in the Rising Star. But they must fight with Liverpool. Wherever we go, we wish you good luck for the new season.

Meanwhile, Barnabasu was obsessed with the surprise of the boy Vincius Junior's presentation Youth player signed 17-year-old Vinnyas, who finally got Brazilian club Flamengo for a 1 year loan, after playing in Madrid again, this little star picks up Madrid's jersey. Phlamengora shirt 201717 season 6 goals and 3 assists in 17 appearances. This boy is just 18 in 2018 ! And one of the best clubs in the world! Good luck in the upcoming season, Vinnies - I wish this.

Real Madrid, along with Vincias as well as another petite star Rodrigo has signed! The 17-year-old Brazilian Rising Star will be wearing the jersey of All-White in the next year.

Lucas Moura is now a member of the White Hart Lane stadium dressing room! Tattanham was signed to the French Club PSG in January this year. Mouras are waiting for Spurs to start the next season. Good luck for him.

The news of the exchange was gone; Now come here in a different context. As usual, Brazilian star footballers will play in European clubs in the coming season as well. Neymar Silva Marquinhos in PSG, Gabriel Jesuus, Ederson, Fernandinho in Manchester City; Juventus Douglas Costa, Barca-Malcolm, Arthur, Marlon, Rafinha, Quetinho, Miranda in Inter Milan; Real Madrid Madrid - Casemero! There are also numerous Brazilian footballers in Brazilian Syria, Bundesliga or China league.

In this one place, Brazilian footballers are ahead of everyone else. The starting of the changing season begins with Brazilian dragons! Before which club will sign a player - the competition begins with that. From the Brazilian star footballer to the emerging footballers, the ropes in the middle of the big clubs! The Brazilians do not like that; That is the evidence that they are unmatched in the field match. Football is the world's most expensive goalkeeper, midfielder and the most expensive forward is also Brazilian footballer! The phrase is not correct, 'England invented the football and Brazilians perfected it' - The word is repeatedly proved to be perfect. Brazilian footballers have always been more respected and more respected than each other at a unique height. The impact of the Brazilians on world football is far-reaching. The Brazilian team that has been scattered all over the world has never looked back, their pride is respected and respect is different.

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