A rental stay at Aston Villa has kicked new life into the career of Brazilian creator Philippe Coutinho. But now Arsenal are joining the fight to pick up the Brazilian on a permanent contract.

The last four years in Barcelona have been filled with disappointments for former Liverpool star Phillipe Coutinho, but a rental stay at Aston Villa has borne fruit for the 29-year-old Brazilian, who has rediscovered the joy of football under his former captain Steven Gerrard.

Coutinho has been involved in seven goals in his first eight games. Four goals and three presentations have been created for the elegant creator. Aston Villa, led by Johan Lange, has a purchase option for the Brazilian, which is worth around 30 million

A problem for Aston Villa, however, could be the salary package that Coutinho has hanging over his head. According to several media, Coutinho earns about four million kroner a week. It's a big chunk over the Villas budget.

Due to the salary problem, Arsenal have now signed up. They can entice with a markedly better hire than what Villa can muster. Arteta sees Coutinho as a clear reinforcement, and sees a great value in Coutinho's experience that can help the young talents at Arsenal.