Mark Van Bommel is most of all known for his merits in FC Bayern Munich, where the midfielder became a club icon for the many fans of the southern German club. Now, however, it seems that the former Dutch national team player is returning to the Bundesliga. According to Bild, van Bommel should be millimeters away from signing with Wolfsburg, which a big coaching solitaire in Germany has set in motion.

Since Julian Nagelsmann has moved to Bayern Munich, Wolfsburg's current coach, Oliver Glasner, has been linked with the coaching job in both Leipzig and Eintracht Frankfurt. In addition, the relationship between Glasner and the sporting director of Wolfsburg should be on the verge, which is also why the club has negotiated with van Bommel.

RB Leipzig has previously announced that there are currently 3 candidates for the coaching position at the Bundesliga's number 2 in the league.