Being the second best team in the world is not easy. You do not get "playing trolleys" as we say in my country. However, it is almost always a lamented and crying achievement. We have seen players knocked down on the grass, their faces covered with their flannels, full of shame and frustration for not having achieved the final victory ... The second place is the result of a defeat. Its something sad.

The third place, on the other hand, is obtained by winning the penultimate match. This team leaves the cup happy and satisfied, with the taste of triumph in the mouth. Contradictory thing, because the second is better, but it cries.

The third place is celebrated, the second place is mourned. The third is obtained by winning and the second is obtained by losing ...

In the case of Croatia we saw an attitude that was different from what we were used to. This team, after overcoming the first minutes of the defeat, assumed its role as SUBCAMPEON, the SECOND BEST OF THE WORLD and leaving the drama aside, showed with their attitude that they are also winners. The only team that could have been there that day fighting the cup to the New World Champion.

A great team from a small and young country that has a lot to give. Congratulations to both teams! My admiration and respect for the Croatian team! Long live the World Runners!