Indonesia VS Palestine, art by Tribun Pontianak

Indonesia versus Palestine in the Asian Games football match will be held Wednesday (15/818). However, I myself support Palestine and Indonesia. Because Palestine and Indonesia are like brothers who cannot be separated.

Even Palestinians themselves support Indonesia. This happened because they treated us Indonesia as their brothers. Because of that many Palestinians claim to have a chest if they lose, as reported in [Tribun Pontianak.](Http:// Palestine-in-football-asian-games-2018)

If we refer to the history of the past, where the country is the most important in recognizing Indonesia's independence. One of them in Palestine. Likewise with Indonesia now, there are many Indonesian volunteers through various Islamic organizations that help our brothers in Palestine today.

Do you know friends? It turned out that of the 9 million Palestinians during Israeli occupation there were 6 million people who had to pay out from Palestine. 3 million who live in the Palestine their own country, more than half of them are in detention. That's how our Palestinian brothers are. At the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta-Palembang this time, we were met by a loving brother.

As if we win they join in the chest, what if we lose. We also have to accept gracefully. Because of that I really hope this match is just a friendly trial. Besides that, I also hope this match is empty if we don't want to give gifts to our brothers who are far away, come to visit us.

Finally, I congratulate Indonesia and Palestine on the 2018 Asian Games. We are a winning nation. I support Palestine and Indonesia to win.