What an incredible 24 hours for Chelsea and Spain striker Alvaro Morata: yesterday he played a pre-season friendly against Inter in Nice and went straight to Venice after the end of the match as his wife Alice Campello was in labor in a local hospital. Today both Alvaro and Alice took to Instagram that they became parents and posted affectionate messages about the event:

"And the day arrived ... July 29, 2018, a day I will never forget, the wait has been long, very long, it has only been 9 months but for us it has been like 3 years. thank you Alice, thank you for making me the most beautiful and incredible gift in the world.Each day since I know you I thank God for having put you on my way, you are the cornerstone of my life.Those months you have fought like a lioness, I cannot be more proud of you, nights in the hospital, dehydrated days, whole days together in bed without being able to move ... but in the end the day arrived, it arrived and it was all worth it. Welcome to the world Alessandro and Leonardo. All I ask from you is to be healthy and happy with the love that is breathed in our house, in our family. Finally I want to thank the doctors, here and there who have helped us during these hard months, and especially to all the people who work in the hospital dell'Angelo for their kindness and sensitivity".

His wife Alice Campello managed to post a message, too, despite staying with the twins in the hospital:

"I could not love my family any more and I could not be happier than that. It is inexplicable. Thank you for everything you did and do for me and thank you for being so close throughout pregnancy and today. My love, you're the best husband and dad in the world".