Abuse. The word strikes fear into my heart every time I hear or read about it it. Physical, mental and sexual abuse. How often does it happen? Why does it happen? Who does it? These questions haunt me everyday. It is hard to talk about such a detrimental issue because it happens around the world. Children being abused. Adults being abused. Animals being abused. Where does this end? 

An ex Football player by the name of Paul Stewart was abused for 4 years by an unnamed youth coach from the age of 11-15. This was a huge step taken by Mr Stewart and I raise my hat off to him for opening up on this repulsive and outrageous act.

Recently, ex football player Andy Woodward admitted to being abused by his coach. How hard a step was this by Mr Woodward, only those who have been through this can answer. Abuse is something of a taboo subject, mainly because it is a horrifying experience that happened and are afraid to relive that pain again. 

First of all, I would like to commend Mr Woodward on his incredible courage to speak out on this particularly painful issue and my support to those who have been or are victims of abuse.

Why was this so hard to talk about you may ask? Answer me this. Would a grown man talk about an issue that you see associated with women? Ever thought about what you learned growing up as men? Don’t be sensitive. Hold the pain down. ‘Be a man’. This saying alone should tell you all you need to know about the education many men get, in my opinion.

 Many women are the victims of abuse and even they don't speak out due to harassment, persecution and being called liars by the general public. I urge people who are going through this and have gone through it, speak out. Help will be available and I urge humanity not to dismiss claims about abuse but to investigate.

This topic is not easy to write about because it is truly a barbaric era in which abuse of all kinds is taking place. The bright light at the end of the tunnel is that people like Mr Andy Woodward and Mr Paul Stewart have told their story, painful as can be, so that the people who are suffering, we are with you. We will help you. Speak out. It will only get better.