My opinion:

In a matter of months, Toni Kroos has gone from being the leader of Germany to being one of the faces of the crisis that crosses the Mannschaft after a World Cup in Russia for oblivion. His humility at the time of making statements, his jump to Real Madrid and his constant ownership in the white club made him perhaps the most sought-after German player of recent years, but things suddenly changed. In addition to leading a bloc that was not able to prevent the debacle in Russia, Kroos has changed the wisdom and humility by constant attacks on those who do not share their opinion.

His first victims were the German journalists in Russia, whom he blamed for not "helping" with his criticism. It did not take long to see that the Press's doubts were justified, but Kroos still does not take opinions adverse to his. The statements of Michael Ballack, who questioned the continuity of Joachim Löw at the head of the Mannschaft, yesterday described them in a derogatory manner as "one more intervention". The departures of Kroos' tone are increasing, as are his errors in the field as seen in Moscow, something that did not seem so long ago.