In the history of the league, only 26 players of the Red Card events were shown

Valencia (Spain). Portugal's star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo's champions league did not start well. In the 29th minute, Referee Felix Brich showed a red card in the match against Valencia. Ronaldo was disappointed with Felix's decision. They sat on the ground only on the knees. They hid their face with both hands. Later on leaving the field, he had tears in his eyes. However, despite their club events, they won the match 2-0.

Portuguese footballer took Jason's hair from Valencia

Ronaldo's team played with ten players

Despite Ronaldo being out of the team, his team played only for 41 minutes with just 10 players. Despite this, he defeated Valencia 2-0. Valencia was playing in his home ground.

After this incident, demand for introduction of Video Assistant Referral (VAR) technology has again started in this major club tournament in Europe. UEFA has not yet cleared the VAR implementation in this tournament.

"The only way I can say that VAr could help the referee in making the right decision," said Massimiliano Algrey, coach of the events.

During the match, Ronaldo pulled the hair of the opposition team Valencia defender Jason Murillo. After this Referee Felix gave advice to his assistant and showed him a red card.

Now Ronaldo is not able to play in the Champions League on his October 2 match against his former club Manchester United. However, it will happen when UEFA has banned more than one match on them. UEFA is the administrative institution of European football.

Ronaldo has played 154 league matches in the Champions League in the past 16 years. The Red Card is shown for the first time. Ronaldo has the record of the most 120 goals in the Champions League's 63-year history