Hello you there, am here again  to bring you guys from this side of the world.

I hope you stay put, tighten your seatbelt like I've done mine.

You know, it's not always easy to come up with something easy and fresh....

anyway, about the topic at hand...

Yes, politics in Nigeria has become but a game of football.

Nigeria is my country, and I happen to live in the heart of it where men work so hard and gain some little... Having just so little or nothing to show for it.

2019 presidential election is just by the corner. But guess what?  The managers are outside the field. The linesmen are in the field but they don't know which way to lift the flag for the free kicks. The needed facilities for voters' card registrations are out of corners but lost in the crowd. The referee has a mind of, instead of doing his work descriptions is desiring to get the golden boot as best player.

If you're a Nigerian, and you're from Akwa Ibom State andmust have gone  to Ikot Akpan Abia for registration for Voter's card,  you can relate. For unto you, it is given the wisdom to understand the above mentioned.

So many players in the field but no coach, so many talents wasted on the bench, and so many cups lost over a few players who refused to make a pass.

What is the future of a country whose old men are still the leaders of tomorrow? Whose yesterday's leaders are the future cankers? Whose pride is in a devalued currency?  Whose future is buried with the dead?

Free and fair election is all we're asking for.