For a very long time, specifically throughout last football season and up until this moment, I have asked myself several times, what happened to Mohammed Salah or should I just put it out abruptly like many bloggers once did, “Is Mohammed Salah a One Season Wonder?”

One of the names most feared by teams in the 2017/2018 football season in England was that of the Egyptian. He terrorized defenders constantly, could shoot accurately from a very tight angle, was very fast and dribbles well. The only notable difference between Mohammed Salah and Lionel Messi that season was their records as a football player because the Egyptian seemed to match the qualities of the Argentine.

Mohammed Salah ended up contesting for the European Golden Shoe after winning the Top Scorer award in the English Premier League. He also led his team Liverpool to the Uefa Champions League final and that appeared to be where his car broke down.

Mohammed Salah injured his arm in the cup final against Real Madrid after Sergio Ramos brought the Egyptian attacker down when contesting for the ball. Salah was substituted amidst tears as he couldn’t the match and ever since then, he hasn’t remained the same. The next season saw Salah perform way below the 2017/2018 season’s standard even though they achieved more. Liverpool chased Manchester City to the last day of the EPL Fixtures and ended up losing the title to the Citizens by just a point but it didn’t end there. They went ahead to win the Uefa Champions League making it a club record 6 times. Salah truly played a vital part to these very important happenings but the truth is, someone in the team’s attack did more, SADIO MANE.

Sadio Mane every since his recruitment from Southampton has always been a very important part of the Liverpool attack. He swerves the ball well too from a difficult angle just as he normally did at Southampton, he also positions himself well and most times gets into good goal scoring opportunities of which he misses plenty but the Senegalese attacker is not selfish and that is probably why I think he is not getting the proper attention he deserves.

When it appeared Salah driving skills is no longer functional as it once was, someone has gotta take the wheel and Sadio Mane did just that. The Senegalese is and has always been on the end of Liverpool’s very important goals and successes and it is no surprise he is currently being talked about. Against Real Madrid in the 2017/2018 Uefa Champions League final after Salah was injured, the one goal Liverpool scored was from the Senegalese attacker. The next season they reached the final once again and won it this time by a lone goal was made possible by the Senegalese and just when Liverpool were finding Southampton difficult to break down few days ago, the Senegalese attacker conjured his magic and broke the deadlock. There are several other Mane heroics for the Liverpool team that is demanding of him being crowned the king of Anfield but it is a pity he is just getting the recognition he deserved.