I thought for a long while, searching for the right word to use in addressing Isco’s roller coaster situation at Real Madrid ever since he was signed from Malaga in 2013.

The Spaniard has endured both good and bad seasons ever since he signed for the club and majority of that is down to his blowing hot and cold at the club.

When Isco was signed, Carlo Ancelotti was in charge. Carlo already has a preferred eleven suited for his formation and it was apparent the young Spaniard, then 21 was signed for the future. Fast forward six years later, Isco is still at the club but his situation has been nothing short of wonderful and disappointing at the same time.

It is clear to the world what kind of amazing player Isco is. The Spaniard has got magical feet which control the ball effectively but he lacks the power to turn things around in favour of his team and i feel that is the reason why he is still considered a substitute despite spending 6 years at the club.

Much of Isco’s odd situation at Real is down to his position. The attacking midfield position is one that is more of a liability to a coach’s formation than an advantage and it is the reason why Isco still sometimes find himself in a difficult situation.

The flanks and central midfield are where most coaches today pay more attention to and Isco who is more of an attacking minded player is considered less important in that aspect and this has led the midfielder to a more demoralized state.

A notable season in Isco’s Real Madrid career is during current coach Zinedine Zidane’s first managerial season. The French Coach finally found the special formation his team adequately needed which involves Isco the main connection between the midfield and the attack. Isco made everything click, with his adept skill in holding the ball and dribbling, he managed to create space for the two forwards.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane would leave and with them went Isco’s presence in the starting line up. A new coach arrived with a new tactics and it disrupted the former flow of the team hence forcing Isco into adapting to a new scheme. Ever since Zidane left and even till his return, Isco has never remained the same. Injuries hasn’t helped the Spaniard’s career as well as he has managed to start just two matches this season. Are we going to witness Isco at his best ever again at Real Madrid?

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